If I am truly blessed with one thing, it is the amount of raw stories I am able to come across on a day to day basis. These raw, heartfelt stories when shared become a transforming force to inner peace and empowerment. The problem is, so many of us identify with being alone when truly, we are a lot more connected than we think.  I believe that if we could all hear the untold stories behind the faces we wear, we will find ourselves at a greater sense of peace and realization.


This gave birth to “The Sandy Vo Show”. I’d like to launch a new space where you can share your story and ask your question. Perhaps you will get all the Love you need sent back your way.  I hope that these stories will transform into teachings for all those who tune in.


[highlight]You’ve heard enough about me. Now it’s time to hear about you. What’s your story?[/highlight]

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