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Connecting the dots to self care in wellness isn’t always easy, especially in our modern world where we are all flooded with information overload.   You’ve seen it all on the informercials, “LOSE FAT NOW. 10 lbs in 10 DAYS” “TAKE THIS PILL TO LOOK LIKE A VS MODEL” — (lol) “BLAST FAT WITH THIS DRINK AND LOOK THE BEST YOU’VE EVER LOOKED”   I know how you feel. At one point in my life, those heavy, flashy headlines looked so good to me too. That’s only because my reasons did not align with my real long term goal. Nonetheless, the conclusions tend to always look the same. We fall into these traps and end up feeling less satisfied, lower self esteem, confused and heavier than before. That tells me there is something going on in the collective consciousness our world. What helped me to find clarity in my health goals the most was stepping back from all the noise and sitting with myself in silent meditation to assess the mind to understand what my body really needed. My own drastic personal journey to health inspired me to help others become more aware of their lifestyle choices.  Once you figure out your real goals for health, the journey becomes much easier and pleasuring.

20% exercise

80% Food/Nutrition

100 % Self belief

Throughout this website, I hope to use it as a central place where I organize all that i’ve learned (and will continue to learn) to hopefully make your journey to living healthy a bit easier.  I hope to guide you through healthier alternatives that you can accomplish all on your own to enhance your lifestyle.

Here’s to a happier, healthier, goofier?



           BUCKLE up. It’s a lifelong journey.

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