I believe that one of life’s greatest teacher lies in giving to others and receiving laughter, love, knowledge and growth in return.


When you allow yourself to shine, you give others permission to do the same. “



“Working with Sandy was very powerful. I took so much away from our session. One of the things Sandy taught me was how to use a very powerful mantra, which positively affected my day to day activities and was easy for me to implement. Her work helped me to gain more clarity on how to allow myself to really listen to my body, which after the session led me to less stress and more happiness. Her work is of a very high, pure vibration. Thank you Sandy! I highly recommend a session to anyone who is thinking about working with her.”

Andrea E., 25, San Diego, CA, Registered Nurse 

“God has blessed the road you’ve been on and he continues to do so. Your motivation helps others around you achieve their goals and keep driving down the road to success. Your an inspiration and role model. Don’t ever let anything turn that smile of yours into a frown. All beautiful things in life deserve to shine. Bless you always! <3 lots of love and support”-

Julie R. , 19, California, College Student


“Sandy, I really want to thank you. I let logic get the best of me. I believed that my Test scores and things I wouldn’t understand meant that I was a failure and had no purpose. But that’s wrong. I see now that that doesn’t Define who I am. You’ve touched me in a way no one else could. People never understood my pain. Till this day I struggle believing in Myself but I know theirs a powerful monster within me waiting to be seen.I know because for once someone who doesn’t know me, believes in me So thanks. You’ve inspired me to be the best that I could be. And I myself one day wish to be a role model just like you.”

-Liz E., 18, Colorado, College Student


“I have a mindset already “what can I do today that’s great for me. What can I squeeze into my time slot before work to make me feel good?! Will eating this make me feel good in the long run?!” I love itttttt!!!!!!!
Thanks so much sandy! Big hugs and kisses Just wanted to say thank you for everything!! I can honestly say that I am doing so much better. I feel like I had hit some sort of rock bottom, which helped change me for the better. Keeping that positive attitude is definitely the key!. Life is WAY to short for me to be unhappy and miserable. Being happy despite things that are out of my control has shown me that I am in control of my feelings and make the most out of every single day. Thank you!”

-Sophie B., 24, London

“Sandy, I’m not exactly sure what I want to say to you – I could tell you how I found your website, or how amazing I think you are, how much I admire your story and the obstacles you literally STOMPED out of your life – but it seems like words aren’t enough. Please know that you have inspired me to my core and I can literally feel your presence just reading through your site. Thank you for believing in so many others (which wouldn’t be possible if you hadn’t believed in your own self first – so I’m grateful to God that you do). I am deeply touched.”

-Alyssa B, 25, Make Up Artist, Washington DC



I’ve had a light and airy feeling ever since I left you.. just feel at peace I guess in anticipation of something bigger. You definitely have an impact on people you talk to. I’ve said this before…you are a young lady with such wisdom. Your zest for life, your goals, your dreams bring such a sense of excitement to anyone you are around. You personally have given me hope for this next generation. I’ve been fortunate to meet a few young people lately that show such maturity…and such passion in their youth and you are one.

You inspire, you give, you help others… it’s nice to know that someone at my age can still learn from a younger generation. ”

Rebecca C., 45, New York, Health and Wellness Coach


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