Oh goodness, what to say about my much valued supporters? I honestly can’t say enough.

First of all, my fans, readers, and followers all mean the world to me! Each and everyone of them with every comment and email they send out to me. They make my life! Some of them have been there since the very beginning of my new healthy lifestyle change just one year ago in June! They think I inspire them but to be completely honest, they are the ones who inspire me.

Support each other. It makes the world go round. 






Jessie, oh Jessie. If you ever get a chance to talk to this woman, make sure you schedule a dentist appointment beforehand because she is sweeeet like candy. Haha! Get it? Goodness, I crack myself up. Anyways, her passion behind her sponsor models, swim wear design and overall company is something that I highly admire. What can I say? I’m obsessed with passonate people. Oh yeah, we have a MODEL SEARCH going on right now! Check it out ladies! =)




If you would like to be considered for our Official 2014 International Ravish Sands Spokesmodel Contest email 3 of your most recent bikini pictures, contact information and brief bio to Winner will receive $5,000 in cash/prizes and be featured in our 2015 calendar & website. All Contest Submissions ends November 1 2o13!




Ed Morgan, from BESWELL FITNESS, is an absolute favorite of mine because he is so immensely passionate about making this world a healthier place, just like myself. He is a firefighter from California and has a busy schedule yet he still finds time to travel to form groups to get people to work out and live a lean lifestyle. He has an amazing clothing line which I absolutely love but more than that, he has FREE workouts, meal plans and a lot of advice on his website. It’s about waking up and being nothing less than SWELL by treating your body right and giving it the exercises and nutrients that it needs to remain full, happy and alive. TEAM BE SWELL ALL DAY BABY!


I am a signed Zen Model for Vitazen, a natural supplement company that I believe in founded by the awesome Aslim who hustles hard and is all about peace! A concept that speaks ME more than anything =)




Last but never least, here is Jordan Clark. Watch the story on how I met him here, but it was most definitely fate! Mr. Jay-O here, is the man behind my video production and all things music engineering. He is an immensely talented musician, engineer with some scary good hearing skills. I can’t wait for the world to discover his talent. You’ll see for yourself pretty soon. In the mean time, give him a follow on his Twitter here. 


** If you are someone who truly believes in the passsion of the work you represent, whether a company or a brand, and would like to form a sponsor/partnership, please feel free to email me at**



Excerpt from my book :

There is a past. There is a future. And there is the present moment. The future happens because of the steps that we each are taking right now, this current second. It is the changes that we choose to create now that wlil lead to a beautiful home.

Our home.

To make the world a better place, we must work together harmoniously in circles, not mazes.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below

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