Introduction class




Get the tools to heal your mind and thrive in 
life, business and relationships

           We started getting so busy learning how to make a living, 
                that within the process, we forgot how to live a life.  



get the tools
to become the
sacred master 
of your life

  • Learn the 4 sacred steps you can use 24/7 for a desirable life
  • Learn how to organize your thoughts so that they aren't controlling you
  • Increase your attention span and focus with this simple technique
  • Free yourself fears, doubts and worries that are no longer serving you
  • Learn how to be present
  • The 60 second meditation that will heal your mind
  • Learn compassion and gratitude and how that can be implemented into your life
  • Eliminate stress triggers and live in service to your Highest and Greatest good

This class is for you if you are:

stressed out, 
lacking mental peace, 
Lacking time and 
lacking self-care

I know I did.
After some tragic losses, I was a lost freshmen in college trying to figure out what to do with life living with a lingering depression.  Instead of trying to deal with it, I got too busy. Too busy drinking, too busy watching reality tv, too busy overeating, too busy working, too busy studying, too busy giving and giving to relationships that were toxic.  I lost my sense of self and finally burned out. That gave birth to a new awakening.

I've formalized these teachings into easy to understand, simple,
 practical action steps 
to seamlessly fit into your busy life. 
That's  my transformation story though, what will be yours?
The great news is, i'm passing it on in this simple introductory level  course to you.  

Your mind is the most powerful and valuable tool that you have. 

When you learn how you train the mind, 
you learn how to train your body, 
to learn how to become the creator of your destiny.


You become the Sacred Master of your life.


you'll love what this practical, SIMPLE PROCESS offers..

-a live 45 minute online class 
-Live Q&A  follow up 
-simple, easy to follow tools to move through fears, doubts, worries, mental blocks
-a sacred space to begin your healing journey
-worksheets to practice mindfulness and self-awareness


            Sign up now for Tuesday, February 13th                   @ 7:30PM EST and claim your spot.


Take the Leap

"I have always wanted to incorporate meditation into my life and my practice as a counselor, but what I got out of this class was so much more. I learned how to take anxious and negative thoughts and transform them into what I wanted (I had control of my mind for the first time in what felt like forever), I was able to use tools and skills to be more in the moment and show up in my life. Be in the moment, not controlled by it. New doors were right in front of me waiting to be opened that I wouldn't have seen had I not taken the leap to take this class! I highly recommend this class for anyone feeling stressed and overwhelmed!  -Brittany G.

                            May peace  be with you in your journey to healing 
                                       and gaining back your divine grace


                                                      In love and light,