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Welcome to Dear Self & Co, a podcast and community where you'll shed limiting beliefs, connect to your core and get the tools to claim your authentic life. In this invigorating podcast, embark on the inner journey with your host and meditation teacher, Sandy Vo. 

Entering as a refreshing young voice, Sandy brings forth ancient spiritual wisdom to modern day living. Each week, she equips her listeners with tangible tools, perspective shifting insights and soul-enriching, inspiring conversations to overcome obstacles and make transformations happen. 

The promise of each episode is to leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered to go after the life you desire and deserve. 

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Most Popular Episodes

Your Right and Responsibility to Massive Abundance with Harriette Hale
In episode 11, money mindset coach Harriette Hale takes us through a journey on who she was before her globally recognized Money Mindset System. 
-How she overcame losing all of her assets in one night 
-Her views on debt and breaks it down to an energetic level
 -How powerful it is when you make a decision 
-The right and responsibility that we were all born with and what does that mean? She also answers some of your questions about money in relationships, debt and tells us what she thinks about savings. She’s shared much on this podcast that she has never shared before and I cannot wait for you to tune in.

Be free from food fears with Mindful & Intuitive Eating
with Gisela Bouvier
In episode 08, "It's about staying in tune with our bodies. Yet we’re so in tune with what the media tells us what we should look like, that we are disconnected from what we are and what we need to be." It's our first expert feature! The Anti-Diet Dietitian, Gisela Bouvier and I have a rich conversation on the work she is doing to help women break free of barriers in the mind when it comes to changing their relationship with food. We both open up about our past food stories, how the way we think about food has more power over our lives than we think, how we can break the never ending diet cycles and love our foods plus the body that it goes into. You're going to want to dig deep in this episode as she shares many nuggets of truth, practices and exercises that you can implement into your life right away!

Taking time for yourself isn't you being selfish. It's you honoring your Highest and greatest good.
Sandy Vo
Meditation Teacher, Self-Care Influencer