7 Ways to Being a Happier Human

  Life doesn’t just happen. So much of what we experience on a day to day basis comes from the culmination of our responses to our circumstances. I believe that the answer to some of our most pressing times is Happiness. Not just looking happy as anyone can achieve that with a smile and a…

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8 Ways to Practice Self-Love for Happiness

What if you devoted the rest of the year, heck the rest of your life, to loving yourself more? How would your life look differently? Would you radiate more happiness and spread more uplifting energy to those around you? Would you feel more whole and complete? Would it be a lot easier for you to…

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Loving Yourself When It’s the Hardest Thing To Do

The movies we’ve watched, the books we’ve read, the magazines we’ve flipped through our entire lives have subtly taught us how to be bound to the idea of loving someone else. So we grow up trying to mold ourselves to be the perfect image so that we can possibly find the perfect soul mate to…

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