Jumpstart the New Year With This Experiment


You have great plans, ideas, goals and accomplishments that you want to achieve this year.


You wrote them down on a piece paper, you told all your friends and family, you even made sure to sign up for a gym membership.
But something’s clearly in your way and you can’t really put a finger on it.


It’s now the second week of the year, and you feel all over the place, unaligned with the goals you wrote down, and feeling like you’re on the verge of giving up on them altogether.

Let me tell you brothers and sisters,

I feel you.

If the only goals we ever create are outside of ourselves which means it involves relying on something or someone, which means we can never truly be happy,

we will never truly be happy.

If you want to learn what you can do that is loving, sustaining, impactful, and life-changing- you will do yourself the bigger favor today by listening to this guided teaching episode of the Dear Self & Co. Podcast

Aside from these resolutions that leave you feeling quite terrible about yourself, the main reason as to why your year has not been going the way you desired is because there is too much clutter.

Clutter in the mind, clutter in the closet, clutter in the pantry, clutter in the computer and phone, clutter in the storage, and overall, clutter in your life.



Once you’ve spent the time to set your intentions with the 7 step guiding principles shared here,

you can begin the next step to jumpstart the year with this experiment to experience much more freedom and focus.

1. Declutter your thoughts

Establish a meditation practice that will be your support 24/7. Meditation is a powerful tool that any mind an access that gives us the ability to organize the traffic of the thoughts. We don’t necessarily push them away or some how get rid of them, we direct them where to go and allow for them to be transformed. This can be all be done through the practice of mantra meditation. If you’d like to receive one-on-one guidance on how to have a sustainable, long term meditation practice- book a discovery call to see what options are best for you.

Turn the music on. Move and dance.  Allow yourself to fall into the space in Feminine energy of creativity and flow. Release your judgements of your self and just be. It is when you are in this space, that you naturally declutter your thoughts from fear, resentment, worry, and doubt.

2. Declutter friends list on social medias

Be more intentional about how you are using your social medias.

What kinds of people are you following?

Do they share messages that uplift you and inspire you? Or do they say photos and messages that makes you less than yourself each time you come into contact with it?

3. Declutter your phone and computer

What photos do you have stored in your phone that are no longer relevant to who you are today?

Maybe they are old memories with people who are no longer in your life or photos you know you will never look at again that are taking up space.

Clean up that email inbox and delete unwanted, unsolicited, spammed emails.

4. Declutter your closet 

What clothes do you have in your wardrobe that no longer identify with your current identity or image?

Donate, give or sell those clothes to people who will make more use of it than your closet.

5. Declutter your fridge and pantry 

What foods do you have in your fridge that are expired? That you don’t even eat? That upsets your stomach when you do eat?

That it taking up space but not serving a purpose in your body? Time to get rid of them !


Why Should I Declutter, Sandy? 

Because there are a lot of amazing experiences that want to flow into your life right now but because so much of the space within you and around you is overflowing with activity or stuff that you no longer need, you are blocking these experiences and opportunities from appearing in your life.

In this video, I talk about what happens to your life after you’ve taken all these steps to declutter.


Watch the video now and comment on what are some things you did to declutter for the New Year?


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