I believe in That

Behind each and every face, in the depth of each and every soul, there lies an untold story beyond anything our minds could ever imagine. Stories to which we each hold.

These stories are stories which separate us, yet somehow underlyingly bind us together.

These stories are made of fragments…sentences…parts …chapters… that all become whole… a book, a novel, a script, a movie.

Stories that make a story.


We learn from them.

We grow from them.

We live through them.

We breathe through them.

I believe in telling stories.

I believe in sharing experiences.

I believe in Love as religion.

I believe that eating is an art that nourishes the body.

I believe in passionate, soulful movements.

I believe in wounded heroes.

I believe in selfless actions.

I believe in seeing without vision.

I believe in getting lost.

I believe in the blood, the sweat and the tears.

I believe in silver linings.


I believe to love others is to first love your Self.

I believe in walking the path less traveled.

I believe in finding wisdom in the all the most unknown, mysterious places.

I believe in leaving behind the familiar.

I believe that every rock, tree, and creature are my brothers and sisters.

I believe in stillness.



I believe in listening to the flow of Breath traveling through the body.

I believe in owning failures as successes.

I believe in the in-betweens.

I believe the AND’s versus the OR’s.

I believe in all of this.

I believe in dancing in the living room to the beautiful melodies playing inside my head.

I believe in laughing as medicine.

I believe that to hurt is to heal.

I believe in singing to the sounds of the wind.

I believe that Smile is the best make up brand one can wear.

I believe in grounding my bare feet on the solid grounds of Mother Nature.

I believe in the journey.

I believe it’s never really over until its over.

I believe in the present moment.


I believe in the unbelievable.

the possible in the impossible





unbounded blissfulness





I believe in That.


In Love and In Light,

Sandy Vo

© Sandy Vo 2014

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