when you become too focused on the destination:

I woke up to phone call that left me feeling drowned in disappointment. In times like these, I resort to nature to get myself connected to something that is much larger than my personality and ego.

One day on the internet, I came across this beautiful waterfall nearby where I live and decided that it would be a good idea to finally go and check this waterfall out.

I get near to the destination but there was no map nor service on my phone to find exactly where it was located. As I was driving, I stopped on my way a couple times to ask people for guidance to ensure that I was at least headed in the right direction. “You’re very close. There’s a pull off on the left side. You can park your car there and walk down the path.”

The directions were very general and brief but it was the best that I could get at that time and I decided to follow their directions anyway. I parked my car and started walking down this path. It was a rocky road being hovered over with tall trees and green grass on each side.

“Gotta find that waterfall.” As I walked about a mile, there were no sounds of streams or waterfalls in sight. It was just me and this path that seemed like it was never going to end. I noticed I was getting a little anxious as my attachment to finding this waterfall deepened. I became aware of this. I invited my mantra into my awareness, I slowed down and I stopped walking altogether.


I paused.

Then I became aware of the sun rays seeping through the branches from trees and its leaves were rustling different shades of green. I became aware of how deeply rooted these trees were yet how free-spirited it was as it would move in the direction of the wind.

I became aware of the sound of the birds singing and butterflies flapping its wings in liberty within the midst of these dancing flowers. Then I kind of giggled to myself. Because I finally got the message loud and clear.

A quiet, inner voice whispers, “enjoy the journey.”

This is what we’ve been missing out on. All this life that is living.We become so attached to the outcome or the destination that we completely forget that what it’s truly about is indulging in the present moment, the walk down the path, the journey and who we are becoming in the midst of it all. 

So it’s safe to say that I never found that waterfall. I walked quite far into the path of the woods and knew my selfie stick wouldn’t be any help if a bear approached me.

Though that phone call was a disappointment to my ego, my adventure in searching for this waterfall taught me that enjoying the journey doesn’t mean to just enjoy the merry, happy parts of life when things are going great. But to also fully immerse ourselves in the parts of life that isn’t so easy or comforting.

This is our ebb and flow.

The high and low tides.

The peak and valleys.

How do we know what the best of the part of the journey is if we become ignorant or avoidant of the parts that are difficult?

When we become attached to a certain outcome, it is like having an expectation. We will always be disappointed. But when we let go of our attachment, we give the opportunity for grace to flow through our lives.

I left that area feeling complete and whole. Satisfied to my hearts content because I received the lesson that I was to learn and that to me was a compassionate reminder that “Where ever I go, there I Am.”

What a divine gift to receive.


In love and light,


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