the significance of every moment


       I was a junior in college at a point where the stress and anxiety in my life was heightened and intensified. My mind was scattered in what seemed like a million different places. The default in my mind was noise and chatter. Little did I know, my unconscious thoughts were controlling my actions.

Silence was a mysterious and almost uncomfortable place. I couldn’t grasp my mind around what being present meant.

“How do I make it stop?”, I would ask myself.

And there was simply too much chatter for the answer from within me to be heard.

Then I met my teacher and learned AMI meditation.
With practice, patience, self-compassion and time, I learned about the science of yoga and meditation.

What I knew of yoga prior was that it was a nice looking physical pose. I’ve tried it in the past and while it was relaxing, there was still a missing element in the mind/body/spirit connection. What I learned is that yoga is a Sanskrit word that means union. Yoga is about creating a union between our outer actions of thoughts, words and deeds to our inner wisdom or intuition. You may even know it as a gut-instinct.

Meditation is about  re-engineering  the software program of our mind so that we can train our thoughts and direct them where to go.

In learning and practicing Yoga Science and AMI meditation these past few years, here is what I learned about every moment:

1) it is significant. 
The only way we have come to the present, is because we have lived our past. The only way we will come to our   future is by living in our present. Every thought we have ever thought and every action we have ever taken has lead us to this moment right here. It contains a message and a meaning. There is reason as to why this moment exists. It isn’t an accident. If we can savor every moment, the message in it will become more clear. The message contain within the moment is what we need for transformation. When we lose sight of being in the present, we also lose sight of the gift that is right in front of us.

2) it connects us to something greater than ourselves

Every moment is an experience of being Self-realized. When I insert my full and complete self in the present moment, I am connected to the Truth. There then is no becoming, there is just Being. Like a tree that stands rooted into the ground, it is not trying to become something, it just is and that is enough. I can hear the quiet whispers of my inner wisdom directing me in what to do or what not to do. Every question I ask, I am given an answer.

3) the power of now 

Realize deeply that the only time we have is Now. There is no here and there is no there. What is, simply is. When we make our mind one-pointed in the here and now, we shed the thought of a past and we shed the thought of a future. Our attachments to what was dissipates, our attachments to what will be dissipates. All that is actuality remains in the now. When we are present, even the most mundane and ordinary tasks are extraordinary.

“Your outer journey may contain a million steps; your inner journey contains one,
The step you are taking right now.” – Eckhart Tolle

There is something quite incredibly remarkable about being in the present. It has a certain liveliness to it that the past or the future does not contain. It breathes, it’s illumined, it shares a significant message and you feel deeply connected to something far greater than yourself. Sometimes I find myself pondering about the meaning of life and other times I think to myself “Maybe this is it. You bring all of your complete, whole self into the present moment and you just live it.

Wake up.
Wake up to life.
Wake up.


Like the way music notes compose beautiful melodies. 
We can turn the life we live into a beautiful song if we can just be present with each moment. 

Even the most mundane and ordinary tasks are extraordinary.

These are the moments that compose the rest of our lives.  How could we ever take that for granted?

In love and light,

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