7 Ways to Being a Happier Human


Life doesn’t just happen. So much of what we experience on a day to day basis comes from the culmination of our responses to our circumstances. I believe that the answer to some of our most pressing times is Happiness. Not just looking happy as anyone can achieve that with a smile and a flash; but being, feeling and exuding it from your innermost self. The kind of happiness that is so deep-rooted that even when circumstances in life gets you down, you’ll only allow yourself to be there for a moment. A moment to learn from the experience and to grow from it.

You press pause.

You feel.

You understand.

And you transform

because you are aware in that moment that happiness is being disguised in the form of pain. Happiness is detachment from what is external. If you continue the rest of your life trying to find what and who happiness consists of, you may just never find it. But if you can make it an inside job and focus on Being– you learn that your own happiness can never be taken away from you.

It is Present in the here and now.

You learn that you don’t need any one else’s permission or validation to be happy– it’s already yours. Once you make it a priority to attain happiness, the best part about it is being able to share it with those around you.

Why not be the type of person that you would love to meet?

Why not live your life according to what you desire to feel?

I have never met a person in my life that desires to angry or depressed. That’s because it is part of our innate being to desire happiness. It was how we were born before the world taught us how we should be. So if you were being honest with yourself right now, how do you want to feel? 

Is your answer “happy”?

Know that happiness is something you already own. Every single day. You deserve to be happy sunshine. All you have to do is choose it.

Now I know that for some of you, happiness is something you are still learning to be.

7 Shareable Tips on How to Be Happy =)

1.Wander over Worry.  Ever heard that worrying is like walking around on a sunny day with an umbrella over your head waiting for it to rain. The process of worrying involves having thoughts, emotions, or images in your head that repeats in an uncontrolled and sometimes intense manner. It often involves something that is not yet present or hasn’t yet occurred. It anticipates what isn’t actually there, what doesn’t actually exist and most times, it never actually will.  Worrying robs us of our right to happiness.

 Instead of worrying about a certain situation that comes into your life, wander instead. 

Wander into the ocean, the lake, the backwoods, the mountains, or the flower fields. Wander to places that excites you and gets you feeling deeply inspired. Wander into your childhood playground. Wander into a dance floor. Wander into a set of brushes and paint. Wander into places that sets your soul on your fire. This will remove the thoughts you have that are fixated on worry.

The next time you start feeling worry. Immediately ask yourself this question to shift you back into the right perspective;

“Does it help?”

2. Positivity & Authenticity. Being positive is not about living in la la land. If there’s one thing you and I can agree that we’d learned in life so far, it’s that it ain’t always sunshine and rainbows. I love the word authentic because it speaks to being real with it. It forces you to ask yourself,

“What is my truth?”

so that you can align your actions and thoughts with your truth. Being positive does not mean to mask what is actually happening. If that were case, you would be escaping from your challenges versus facing it. Being positive means to get real with your and shift your perspective to the way you respond to that situation instead of reacting to a whirlwind of negativity. Being authentic about it involves the negative and positive aspects.

3. Give More Than You Take. Become someone who gives from a place of pure intention and not from a place of having  a desire to receive something back. Time and energy is our most precious resource and giving that away to others makes more of an impact than you know. So help the old lady cross the street. Open the door for a stranger. Volunteer your time to non-profit organizations, homeless shelters, food banks or anyone you know in need. Give your love to those you know who may be lacking it. Give your smile when your walk down the street. More importantly, give to yourself.  Practice selflessness. Do note that there is a fine balance with giving. Remember to honor your highest self in the process and your fountain of energy will never run dry.

4. Challenge Yourself. Intentionally choose the path that not many are embarking. It may be harder and more difficult. But when you can create a challenge for yourself, you are also putting yourself in a place of empowerment when you overcome that challenge. Challenges are exciting because it gives you an opportunity to understand your courage, willpower and tenacity.

5. Consciousness & Awareness. Become more present and aware of your thoughts. Notice what kinds of thoughts are going through your mind and train your mind to replace that thought with a more positive outlook or perspective.

The more present you can be in every moment, the more you can see things as they are, not as they appear. 

6. Be Honest. I cherish honesty above all because it’s about telling the truth. Telling the truth to yourself and telling the truth to others. It feels good to be honest. It feels expansive and allows you to assume into your creativity. When we are not being honest, we feel contracted, heavy in the chest and uneasy. In every situation, I invite you to tell the truth and lead your life with honesty.

7. Train the Mind. Meditation serves as a great assistance when it comes to training the mind. It helps you to shift into the present mode where reality is happening. You not thinking of the past or projecting into the future. Through the practice of meditation, you slowly learn how to direct the traffic of your thoughts so that they are organized and controlled.


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