Starving for Union: Connecting Your Outer Actions to Your Inner Wisdom


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other.” – Mother Theresa 

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” – Rumi

Our life is like a book that weaves together chapters of stories from the thoughts, emotions, feelings that we experience each moment. Our thoughts, emotions and feelings are outer actions that we enable consciously or unconsciously  to lead us to consequences that will either bring us towards fulfilling the desires of our lives, or bring us further from it.

How do we have control over our thoughts, emotions and feelings so that we can be lead to happiness, freedom, and fulfillment of our whatever our purpose is here? 

By creating a bridge that connects our outer actions to our inner wisdom through Yoga Science. We often think of yoga as physical postures and stretching our bodies in pretzel-like positions but it is so much more deeper than that. Yoga is the sanskrit word for “union” or “connection”. When we can unite our outer world to our inner wisdom, we experience happiness, fearlessness, peace, and freedom. However when we do the opposite, we experience some kind of pain, suffering or dis-ease.

For instance, have you ever felt that feeling in your gut when you know you should be doing something but chose to go against it?   It contracts tremendously. You can feel it. That feeling that we have all experienced is the voice of our Conscience. The sanskrit word for conscience is “Buddhi”, the function that reflects the wisdom of our inner Source and tells us what to do or what not to do.  I often think of the “Buddhi” or Conscience as the GPS navigation system that is enabled in many of our cars or cell phone apps. We get in our vehicle knowing the destination that we plan on arriving to. We plug in the address, we start the route guidance and we are on our way. When we don’t pay attention to the guidance and get off the course,  the guidance will tell us “Re-Calculating” and will give us a new route to reach the destination. We still arrived to our destination but as a consequence of not paying attention, it just took us a little longer than it needed to.

If we can continue to listen to the silent voice of the  Buddhi with full attention, we will take the actions that guide us to our highest and greatest good versus serving the actions that bring us dis-ease in our lives. The more that we can listen to the Buddhi, the more we will form a deeper and more intimate relationship with our innermost Self.

Why is this important? 


When we turn on the television, or look at the newsfeed on our social sites, or listen to the radio, we are reminded of the heartache and despair that exists in many corners of our world, sometimes even in our own home. We see signs of a world that starving for the healing aid of connection and union. We ask for this connection from our mothers and fathers, our family members, our friends, our co-workers, our churches, our leaders but have we asked that of ourselves?

When was the last time we unplugged from what exists outside of us to experience time with ourselves? When the last the time we put ourselves first? Lastly, how often to we follow the voice of our conscience that reflects a perfect wisdom for us to experience the Happiness and Peace that we all desire? Our happiness and peace is an inside job.
Peace does not mean that we will never experience noise. It means that in the midst of turbulence and chaos, we can remain still in the center of our hearts.

I invite you to take ample time for yourself to experience the quietude of the perfect wisdom that exists inside of you.  Give yourself permission to explore what makes up you. Every question that you have ever asked has an answer that exists in that space. Ask yourself the questions that matter. Who Am I? Why Am I Here? From where have I come? From where will I go? What am I to do?


We must seek to find connection to a Source that is far greater than our own egos. You can call it God or Universe or whatever your heart desires. Listen to the whispers of your inner wisdom and align. Follow the voice of your buddhi and expand, expand, expand.  Experiment with creating a more intimate relationship with yourself, and observe what happens to you, and eventually, the people around you. If we could each give ourselves more love, commitment, attention and time… how much more we would understand each other? How much more united would our world be?

If you seek union with your inner wisdom, there will be answers. 

As my teacher often reminds us, “By practicing Yoga Science as mind-body medicine, you can purify the lenses through which you view the world. With clarity of vision, you can see the blessing contained in every moment.” – Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev)

Who knew? We were craving for our own unity and love.

In love and light,




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