Become Your Deepest Driving Desire

We spend so much of our lives… our energy searching. Searching for that something.. and that search for that something is almost always outside of ourselves. But you and I both know is that there’s an unwritten law rooted in our very human soul. We are running from the very thing that we are searching for… And we cannot begin to falthom that we… 


In the words of Marianne Willamson, we are powerful beyond measure. ( And that scares us) It is our greatest and our deepest fear.. 


You are the very thing that you have been searching for your entire life. And once you can overcome yourself… you can overcome anything. 


Our world is so Abundant yet we live in the mindset of Lack. What if we each gave more than we could take? And for those of us that think so little of our abilities, what if we just show up? Because you’ll see that if you come as the way you are and the way you are is Enough. 


The search starts and ends with you. Time always has and always will be fleeting. The question is ask ourselves is,

Who Am I?

From where have I come and will I go?


Swami Rama, my teacher’s master, was the first Indian yogi to be studied by the Westerners. Under the Menniger Clinic, he showed his ability to voluntarily control his bodily processes (such as heartbeat, blood pressure, and body temperature) that are normally considered to be automatic. He writes that “Life is like a manuscript, and the author of that manuscript is that which you are. The beginning and the ending of the his manuscript are missing. You do not consciously know from where you have come; and you do not where will you go. 

So what is your purpose here? What role do you play? You were not put into this beautiful Universe to simply live without a purpose, to not find who you are, to not find your passions and to merely exist. You were put on this Universe to create, to help enable your surroundings to be more blissful, to grow, to inspire and to fulfill your deepest driving desire. 


What is your deepest driving desire? 

Because of you, this world is a more fuller, more beautiful place to be. Without knowing your gifts and talents, we will turn into a sinking ship. Explosion after explosion, earthquake after earthquake, storm after storm, war after war. Invest your full being in what makes you come alive and share that with your world around you. 


Be the light as you fill your soul with all the Faith there is and your heart with all the Love.

I don’t know what is to come of us. But I do know that if we convert our energy into searching for our inner selves versus searching for what’s out there, that we will get closer to know who you are. ‘

                                            And knowing who you are…. is a beautiful thing. 






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