When You Have a Decision to Make

Our lives are built and thereafter created by the decisions we choose to make.

F o r  e v e r y  a c t i o n , t h e r e   i s   a   c o n s e q u e n c e  t h a t  f o l l o w s.

 Each decision seamlessly integrating into another until it compounds itself into the pages of our story, ultimately our destiny.

 There seems to be two lanes in the path of decision making— the right one and the wrong one.


We know we’ve made the right decision when we feel the chills rushing throughout our entire body. And when we feel the vibrancy of energy pouncing under our skin. And when everything about our insides and outsides scream, “YES YES YES!” Or when we feel the settled peace and confidence from our ego saying to us, “You did the right thing.”


The right decision feels good.


But not every decision made may be the right one. We know a wrong decision when we immediately feel the fiery fire of regret. Each bone in your body is rattling uneasy and your mind is unsettling racing back and forth to the, “What if this happens and what if that?”. Insecurity begins to take over. Self-doubt emerges as you realized you were wrong about what you thought you knew.


The wrong decision feels bad.


surely Time has taught me that


[highlight]  we know everything but we know nothing [/highlight]

[highlight]  and the more it is that we know, the less we know   [/highlight]


So Dear One,

There is no right and there is no wrong. There is no good and there is no bad. What there is is a world of reflecting paradoxical opposites. These decisions you have made that have accumulated into your life story is your life story. Own it—everything that it is and everything it has become. There is no regretting it. There is no “I should’ve, I could’ve, or “would’ve”. No matter how substantially amazing it turned out or how morbidly shameful it made you feel,

these decisions we make, make us who we are.

W h e n  Y o u  H a v e   a  D e c i s i o n   t o  M a k e


( 1 ) Do what feels right for the circumstances you are in right NOW —not tomorrow, not yesterday

( 2 )  Decisions only feel wrong because it’s our conscience also known as

(Buddhi in yoga science) telling us to make a few critically important adjustments in our lives

( 3 )  It’s already been done once and it didn’t feel good to you, that just means not to do it again. Repeating what caused you great anguish will only strengthen the cycle. 

( 4 )  Never blame yourself, everything and I mean everything happens for a purposeful reason

(you just need to develop the right eye to see it)

( 5 )  Don’t stress about the outcome, it’s m o r e  a b o u t  w h a t  y o u ‘ v e  l e a r n e d  i n  t h e  p r o c e s s  not where

it takes you

( 6 )  With compassion and patience towards yourself, there is  n o t h i n g  you cannot figure out

( 7 )  A l w a y s  d o  w h a t  y o u   f e e l   i n  y o u r  h e a rt … y o u   c a n n o t  e s c a p e   y o u r  h e a r t


Ultimately, at the end of each day we must remember that it is all energy, prana, our Life source. The more important question is to ask ourselves, how are we going to transform that energy?


Don’t forget, sometimes the worst decisions make the greatest life story.

Y o u   a r e   t h e   c r e a t o r   o f   y o u r   D e s t i n y. 


It’s all Perfect.


In Love and Light,


I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below