Should I do it or should I not? 11 Ways to Make Peace With Decisions

I’m sure that we are all quite familiar with this specific kind of intersection. We reach that moment in certain points in our lives where a major decision has to be made. This decision to be made isn’t a minor one but one that will perhaps change the course of our lives forever. And then we stand there in that moment of contemplation and ask ourselves …. should I do it or should I not do it? 

Maybe you’re making a decision right now on which career you want to pursue or if you want to keep or quit the one you have. Maybe you’re asked to make a decision between two people you love. Or maybe moving out of the country or to a new place.

Every day, decisions have to be made which then determine the outcome of our lives.

So how do you know if you’re going to make the right decision ? At this point, many may slip into modes of fear. Some may experience several attached feelings of fear— afraid of the unknown and afraid of making the wrong choices. We then constantly bombard our minds with these “What if’s”.

“What if this goes wrong?”

“What if I don’t make the right decision?”

“What if the outcome is not what I expected?”

And then we find ourselves in a whirlpool of circling thoughts and questions that seem to never end.

So how do we know if we’re making the right decision?

How do we our calm our minds to reach a moment of clarity and actually feel at ease with the decision being made?

How exactly do you know if you should or if you shouldn’t?

In the philosophy of Yoga Science practiced from the American Meditation Institute, we are to create the bridge of union between our Higher inner Self and our outer lower self to access our buddhi or innermost Self which is our wisdom, our conscience, our decision maker or otherwise known as that gut feeling.

1. Start a silent seated meditation. Become a witness to the thoughts running through your mind then lovingly and gracefully send them into silence. Slowly, slowly set your mind at tranquility and ease.

2. Rest and remain in that silence and that peaceful state of being. Surrender your thoughts to the Creator of the Universe.

3. As you come out of meditation, access your intuitive self. Your answers will not come to you with the noise of the external world.

4. Those questions will come to you again. Ask yourself those questions. 

    (a) Should I do this ( insert situation A) or this (insert situation B)?

  •           How does it feel? When you say “YES” to one question does it feel more right than

                      when you say “YES” to the other question?

  •            Is there a conflict going on in your inner Self when you say “Yes” to one decision

                       versus the other?

  •           Is this going to bring you to your highest and greatest good known as shreya in

                      Yoga Science or is this going to keep you in the temporary pleasurable state

                      known as preya that often comes with pain?

When you can listen to your buddhi or conscience , when you can hear its subtle silent voice— it will give you the answer you are looking for. 

You will experience bliss, no conflict or restlessness, and a comforting ease with the decision you have made.

Personal lessons from me to you on  T h i n g s   t o  R e m e m b e r  about making decisions

5. Set your intentions. What is it that you desire? Why not do what is best for you?

You have to be Selfish in order to be Selfless.

6. Do what will bring you Long Term Satisfaction not short term gratification

7. When you expect nothing, you will be disappointed with nothing. Drop all expectations.

8. Be in your Present moment. Be aware of your thoughts, emotions and feelings as you make your decision.

9. Don’t always do what is pleasant, do what will take you to your highest and greatest good.

10. Do what makes you happy.

11. Everything is going to be Okay. (It’s not as serious as you make it out to be.) 

Learning a systematic meditation (especially one that has been passed down for thousands of years) makes accessing your innermost Self easier. You can start here.

In Love and Light,


I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below