Something Beautiful About You: Your Flaws

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] You probably don’t see it and a part of your mind in itself probably cannot comprehend how this statement is the least bit valid.


Your stretch marks.

The scars from your wounds.

The marks from your birth.

The moles and your freckles.

The gap between your teeth.

The small features in the different areas of your body that you wish would disappear.

The small distinguishable parts of your ego that serve your lower self versus your higher self

Your flaws.

My flaws.

Our flaws.

Our flaws.

Our flaws.


[highlight]The only flaw we have as human beings is the belief that we are defined by our flaws. [/highlight] [/dropcap]


They are there to tell you the story of your existence. The one of which you were living in your past, and the one you are living in your present. Those scars from your wounds remind you about the part of you that you were in order to grow into the whole of you that you are, piece by piece.  Those marks from your birth are there to remind you of the day you took your first breath on this Earth.

So why then are they not celebrated but frowned upon?

And why then do human beings so much self-criticize beyond what their worst enemy would ever say about them?


These flaws lingering on the different parts of your body, the physical ones and the emotional ones, are unique to you and no one else. They hold a special place in the body which is of the temple your Spirit occupies.

[highlight] The core of your essential Being is much more deeper than the darkness of your scars. [/highlight]

Embrace those flaws. Listen to the stories behind the scars. The mental ones, the emotional ones, and the physical ones. I can assure you that it has something to tell you. Try to understand it and why its there. And last but not least, own it.


How to Embrace Your Flaws


1. Understanding Your Perception in the Mirror

You are your own best friend but you are also your own worst enemy. The only person to know all your thoughts are You. Therefore the way you perceive yourself, the thoughts you tell yourself, and the way you think can either help you in your path to Self realization and illuminate your shine or it can harm you by keeping you trapped in the negative thought patterns of your own mind.

Your perception of you alone is flawed and much more harsh than how others recognize you. If you were to see yourself in through the eyes of the many people who love you, you will have new lenses to view the world and yourself.


2. Knowing Your Inner Self

When you seat yourself in stillness and wash away the chattering of the outside world, and the chattering of your mind, your soul begins to take rise, as with your consciousness. You begin to understand the power of Silence but more importantly, you begin to understand who you really are. When you know inner self to the very core, you will start to understand that the physicalities, externalities, the flaws of some emotions are all non-existent and do not hold a place in the essence of your essential nature. Because the confidence that you have comes from within, you are no longer dependent on your outside .


3. Assert Your Gratefulness 

Lovingly assert your gratefulness for yourself and offer back to your soul the kind of love that you would have for your mother, father or someone very dear to you. Feel grateful that you have attributes that set you apart from everyone else.


4. Own It 

Own your “flaws” or your flaws will own you. Don’t fix it, flaunt it. You are not a broken human body, neither are you defected or imperfect. Give yourself the unconditional love you deserve by allowing what you call flaws to stand out. Represent every part of you that is you.


5. Practice Ahimsa (a Sanskrit word meaning be kind to yourself and others) 

Practice what it means to have self love, self acceptance and self appreciation. Be kind to yourself in your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings and your Spirit. The more kind you are to you, the more kind you are to others. Instead of noticing others people’s flaws that you have yourself, you begin to notice the beauty in them.

[highlight]Be kind to yourself…. after all, there is only one You.[/highlight]

In Love and Light,


I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below