How to Find Passion Versus Perfection

passionoverperfection   I’ve got some important questions for you today. You know those nights when you lie in your bed and your mind wanders off into a magical land of your own imaginations? What kinds of thoughts do you have? What keeps you up at night? What is always running through your mind? What is it that you cannot stop thinking about? Chances are, that that right there, is your passion.  There’s this magic light that glows in your face and your eyes when you go about in your day to day life doing what you love.

Every time your outer actions are in alignment with your inner desires, your passion ignites- @isandyvo  Tweet 

A lot of times, we avoid running after what we are passionate about because we’ve been conditioned with this belief that following our passion

-does not provide us much money and will lead us in the path of poverty

-is only a hobby

-is going against what everyone else wants us to be and do

Let’s say your family has always wanted you to be a doctor, but your passion lies in fashion, you end up walking the path of what your parents wish upon you versus the path of what you wish upon yourself. Fitting under the standard mold of societal means, having a job with “security”, and insurance is sure much easier to follow. Especially when you’re guaranteed to get a large salary of figures at the end of the year. But when we follow that path, how much of that are we actually doing for ourselves? How happy do or will we actually feel? Some of the greatest, most well known figures in the world, including artists, painters, basketball players, dancers, singers, athletes, have achieved their purpose in life by following their passion from the very beginning.

It’s true, in the beginning, following your passion is a hustle and you in fact will probably have less money than those who are taking the “secured” route. But you actually will become a lot more wealthy than you ever imagined. No. I’m not talking about money or material wealth. I’m talking about that amazing feeling inside when you go to sleep at night satisfied because you got to spend your entire day doing something you love. That feeling of touching people’s lives and making an impact from your own bliss in doing what makes you happy. That feeling that no amount of fame or fortune can ever, ever buy.


That is true wealth and that wealth comes from doing what your heart desires.

The road to finding your passion in life won’t be easy but its the trials and tribulations, the marks of errors and the lessons of “failing” will surely add more depth to your character, allow for you to share a remarkable story of transformation and bliss, and bring you towards your life’s purpose and fulfillment. Leaving the benchmark of the term we call Perfection will only cause us to keep chasing and chasing until we run out of breath in severe exhaustion. The search for what so many people think is “perfect” becomes weary when once that benchmark is made, it suddenly moves. And there you are, chasing after something again doesn’t even exist. 


It is in our imperfect vessel that we will come to meet our perfect soul.

1. Start with desire. Those thoughts that keep you up at night are there for a reason. Why is it that keep pondering about these things? It’s as if once your mind is clear, this same thought invades your mental space and you feel a sudden merge of happiness because you are thinking about what you desire. Whatever it is that you are going after, whether it’s material or not, maybe a career, maybe a body that you’ve always dreamed of, maybe just to simply be happy. It all starts with “How bad do you want it?”

2. Take action. Once you pass the thinking stage, the next is to implement and take action. Start by doing one very tiny small thing that involves what it is that you are passionate about. If it’s fitness ( =D ) , you would start taking action by going to the gym or doing workout videos from home, practicing your forms to begin lifting weights, or even just jumping around. If it’s your job, find passion there by researching into the career. Research after a role model that is already in that career and analyze their day to day life, is that how you want to live? If yes, then your desire will meet your actions and your actions will create results.

3. Keep on keeping on It’s going to be a messy road. Sometimes you are going to feel so lost, you don’t know what the heck you’re doing or why you’re even doing it. Sometimes you’re going to think to yourself “I should’ve just this” or “I should’ve just that”. Sometimes you’re going to reach a high level of success in following your passion and sometimes you’ll fall right back down. But that, my friend, is all part of the perfection. Through keeping on, we learn to live and we learn to grow (isn’t that what life is about?) . We get to know what it feels like to cry tears of joy when things go our way or tears of sadness when they don’t.   You’re already perfect. Start chasing after what makes you come alive versus lingering around doing things that do not satisfy your soul. Find passion in everything you touch. Wash your laundry with passion. Shower with passion. Eat with passion. Clean the dishes with passion

and you will find a sudden shift in the abundance in your life.

Following your passion versus following perfection is an experience like no other. Because there is no perfection and the word IMperfect already tells you enough about yourself. Its hard to succeed doing something you don’t love. Finding passion in the things you do enables you to enjoy the process and the journey, not the destination. Because that’s what we’re all here for right? A ride on an epic journey in which we will live to the end of our days to share our stories, (whatever that may be)


Live passionately. 

Love and light,


I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below