Welcoming 2014

So 2014 huh..? Welcome! But what does that mean anyway?

Since time is merely but a perceptual illusion to the minds that we each own. But I would like to think that for many of us it means a time for new ventures, new risks, new relationships, new goals and more importantly, new “mistakes”. These, to me, are the very concepts in which keeps us growing, keeps us hungry and thirsting for more. Before we head on to the new turns in our route, I think it’s very important for us to take a deep introspective moment of reflection. If I could share with you about myself in 2013, I would tell you that I was able to check off every New Year’s Resolution that I made on my list January of 2013 by mid year. I worked extremely hard to accomplish my goals and reached the peak of no return. But what good are our our achievements and accomplishments if we never stopped once to really Live in everything that we’ve achieved. Not to exist in it, but to Live in it. It was a remarkable year of overcoming fears, overcoming obstacles, and harnessing what true Self Realization really means. I can also tell you that it all happened very quickly.

Imagine this. It was as if I was handed keys to a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport car driving at 190 mph to reach my self-expected yet unknown destination.



We hurry ourselves to get there to the point where all we really notice is the road ahead. The point of destination. But even then, we don’t really take notice much because we’re going so fast that even our vision becomes blurred. If we were to keep going at this rate, eventually, we are going to crash. If we slow down, we live in fear that being slow will get us no where. So to completely wake up, what are we to do, what was I to do? I knew it would hurt and I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I also knew that I had to slam my foot on the brakes. To let go of the steering wheel. To surrender. Because I knew I so badly needed that harsh jolt, to shake me up a bit, to return to sharpness of the apparent reality.

Despite that discreet pain, it was through stopping, being in the here and now that I opened my eyes to an entirely different world. No more inner grievances of my “lost” loved ones. No more looking in the rearview mirror.  I could actually get out the car to rise on the bridge hovering the deep blue ocean, I could actually stand still and allow the wind to sift through my hair, I could actually hear the flush of water rushing from one wave onto the other. I could see the swarm of birds flying harmoniously in the motionless sky, as if they were following the sweet sound of a silent music that I could not yet hear.



For once my life, I could just Be.

That’s it … just Be.

Resting in my own stillness, I can breathe.

I unplugged myself completely and said my farewell to everything that was familiar, to embark even more deeply in the inner journey. Who knew I’d come back like this? … reborn.

Since I was a little girl, my deepest driving desire was world peace. But I heard Him say,


“How child?” How can you possibly make peace with the world, if at first, you have not made peace with yourself.


So here I sit, not in the past nor in the future, but in the Now.

In peace, equanimity, tranquility, bliss, fullness, whole.

Sometimes we must leave everything we’ve ever known to be rather uncomfortable, to get lost in the woods, to live in the unfamiliar, only to get ourselves found and..  (yes, without Google maps).

I’m driving the car again, but this time around, I’m going rather slow, following the waves of my breath, one moment at a time.

I’m enjoying this view from a 360 angle. We can’t be afraid to let go of the wheel. To just go with the flow. To just let it be. To just trust the Uni-verse to guide us and know that we are in this life to heal, experiment, play and love. It’s not so much about the destination  … as a matter of fact, I’d be glad to tell you that I don’t really have one. It’s more so embracing the journey that consists of fulfilling relationships and moments, breath by breath.

So dear readers who have been following my journey since I started over a year ago, I’d like to sincerely thank you for reading along the way, sharing with me your stories, growing with me, inspiring me immensely and allowing my words into your life.

         You are all my greatest teachers.

2013 was a ground breaking year thus far with the theme of “Whereever your heart goes, just follow.” Self Peace, Forgiveness, and self transformation. And 2014 will be more about the moment to moment adventures. Inside and out.

As far as I am aware, we are all already living in our dreams. And until it’s time for us to go, our job is to make every moment the best we can.

Remember that every obstacle is a window of opportunities.

Dare to jump in head first to open the window to a whole new world.

Only then will you realize what I have come to know…

That sometimes,

the very things that kill you are the very things that will make you come Alive.

I wish us all a blissful New Year. As 2013 was a year of self transformation, 2014 will be a year of adventures! Let the ride begin. I’m ready for You.

a spiritual awakening


In Love, Health and Light,

Sandy Vo

© Sandy Vo 2014



I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below