45 Minute Prime Time



45 minutes or less a day is really all you need to get fit. That’s how I did this past year. The only time I spent more in the gym was when I was focusing on my show.

The key trick here is to keep it super intense and always raise that heartrate up.

You can calculate what your target heart rate should be here. ( Just keep in mind that it’s not the absolute, prime accurate way but it does the trick)  I always have mine about  85% .

I’m always moving at constant, rapid speed in the gym during my sessions to maximize my time as much as possible and again, to keep my heart rate up.( The higher the heart rate, the more fat the body is burning. ) For example, when benching and allowing myself a 30 sec rest before moving forth to the next set, I hold onto the barbell to perform leg ups to work out some abs.

TIP: When selecting weights, always start with something that you feel comfortable with yet kind of at a moderate weight, not too easy and not too heavy. Something you can perform about 15 reps before you actually feel like you can’t move forth anymore. Start there!

Here I’m doing an accelerated full body workout targetting my back, chest, glutes and arms. I split body parts but this past week after my show, I wanted to focus on only 3 days of lifting a week and cardio the other days to allow my body some rest after intense training for 5 months. Monday however, I will be heading back into my body part split.

First pic on upper left is me bench pressing, and leg ups –> you can learn more how to bench press here . Ladies, don’t worry about this making your chest flat. Although mine is already super flat =D it actually makes it nice and perky so lose that fear and stereotype of this making your chest smaller.

3 sets of  15 reps

Second pic on the right is me performing a lat pull down. You can learn more about that here.  These kinds of exercises will help to stabilize your back building lats and well,  a backbone. Something we all need right ?

3 sets of 15 reps

Third pic bottom left, haha is me struggling to curl a 30 lb barbell. But these are simple bicep curls.  This exercise helps to tone your arms drastically once you’ve shed off enough body fat. One of main arm exercises that I mostly always use.

3 sets of 15 reps

Bottom right, i’m sure you already know. The squat. 175 lbs . I’ve shared with you how to squat in this video here.  Squat is top dog when it comes to a must have workout. I love squatting because it works more muscles with a combination of the glutes, the hamstrings, and the quads. And it makes for a great ol’ booty. Don’t be afraid to touch the bar ladies. To start, I recommend just doing it without a bar and praciticing your form. Then as you get comfortable, ease into it and get to squatting. Do legs about 2x a week.

3 sets of 2 reps

In between I’m doing all kinds of animalistic exercises to keep my heart rate going.

But hey! 45 minutes in the gym. IN, OUT, and BAM, the rest of the day is yours to keep. How awesome is that?

Hope this helps.



                  Step out of your comfort zone in life and you’ll discover capabilities you never knew you had. 


Have a great productive day filled with the people you love!

In love and light,

Sandy Vo

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I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below