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Here is one of my absolute favorite fitness models, Emily Skye from Australia, huge huge sweet heart and super gorgeous, isn’t she? So let’s picture ourselves standing in that cashier line waiting to check out our groceries. We often stare at these magazine covers and silently drool. We read the clever headlines and labels that call for our attention and cave into the pages of the magazine with anxiousness to find out,

OMG, how does she look like that ? I want to look like her!”

then we check out the pages as we are directed, we read the workouts they give and we go home and attempt to try out the workout. Then we look down at our stomach the next day and suffer in frustration as we see that the pooch is still there. How did that gorgeous model look like that and how do you still look like this? Well, there’s a lot more behind the work of that beautiful cover girl and a single magazine page than you can imagine. They never dispense to you the full details because well, their priorities lie in delivering a single topic, not cover the vast array how you can actually get fit and look like a fitness model. So you attempt and attempt, time and time again, yet you seem to keep running in endless cycles. Then seek constant new diets and weight loss systems but it never seems to work and out of frustration, you quit.

Sounds all too familiar?

It’s alright, I completely hear you out on that. It’s the hole that a lot of us Americans, not to mention, the world gets pulled into. We get inundated by weight loss supplement companies because they know our frustration and they know that we will be willing to do whatever and try whatever to get fit, so they throw out their informercials and products for us to feed on. And then again, we get frustrated after seeing that it doesn’t work and we live our lives walking around feeling not confident with who we are because of our exterior.

Here’s the thing, Emily Skye’s body? That cover model on that magazine? Her body?

Too many people want it, but not many want it bad enough.

And no, wanting it bad does not mean starving yourself. Wanting it bad means taking accurate measures day in and day out to first of all lose enough weight to then maintain a fit figure. Wanting it bad means being willing to work. Our bodies function similar to an automobile. For it to keep running, we need to add gas and fuel. We need to change the oil when our miles hit a certain point. We need to patch up exterior scratches and chips on the outside to make it beautiful. We need to maintain it to keep it going at a good condition.

If we fail to maintain our automobile, it crashes. 

With your body, it takes significant actions to keep it at a desired physique and optimal health condition. People wonder why I am always operating like an energizer bunny on crack but that’s due to the way I treat my body and the foods that I add to it daily to keep myself functioning correctly inside and out. Just like our car needs antifreeze, radiation fluids, brake fluids, automatic transmission products and motor oil to aid it to a better condition, our body needs the correct foods and supplementation to aid it to a healthier state. ( I learn about the car stuff from chatting with my mechanic Brian, he’s awesome. Immerse yourself in conversation with everyone you meet, you’d be surprise the things that you can learn and carry along with you) I workout consistently and rest consistently. The formula looks like this:

Eat + Exercise + Sleep = Happiness = Confidence = Fun = Positive Living all around

Maintaining a fit body consists of healthiest possible state and that healthy does not exist in QUICK, FAST, OR IMMEDIATE. It takes patience and time and discipline but in return you are blessed with a grand kind of living because you feel confident of the image that you have achieved and that you worked hard to get and will continue to work hard to maintain.

So next time you stand in that grocery line, don’t pity yourself or stand there in frustration, self doubt, and  hopefulness. You can have what you want,

       only if you want it bad enough.  You are your own desires.


If you want something bad enough in your life, you get up and you do something about it. Not sit in hopelessness when you truly have all the hope in the world. That first exists within yourself, not a cover of a magazine. I’ve asked you this question in this video here already. But I’ll ask you again,

How bad do you want it?

In Love and in Light,

Sandy Vo

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below

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