Night Out in Gown

Ahhhh, here it is. So the other day I went gown searching and needless to say. I am one very happy girl. I made a stop at my girlfriend Sindi’s beautiful Prom & Bridal boutique called Apropo’s located in Albany, NY and I KNEW that that would be my very last stop.

My readers know that I am all about uniqueness and authencity and boy, that place screams authencity. She has beautiful gowns intricately made for absolutely every fancy occasion. If you’re a sucker for dresses, please be careful when you walk in as you might just lose your breath for a moment. HAHA whoops corny Sandy coming out on you. But seriously, It’s breath taking what she has in there! I was the first fitness beauty she’s ever had so she was thrilled to find the perfect dress for my beauty show that would reveal and flaunt every curve for that stage.

Love her passion, enthusiasm, sophistication and taste when it comes to the gown selection. Surely, after about 5 tries, I found the perfect gown I was searching for! All of her beautiful gowns definitely made it a hard choice until I slipped this one on. My jaw completely dropped and I was in awe. My eyes got a teary and little wet too. Haha, happy tears. The dress I picked out was the same color dress Lyna had on for her 18th birthday in which we went to celebrate on a cruise together. It brought back immediate yet fond memories. As you can see, everything I do in my life has meaning.

I thought I’d share with you my some of the dresses that I had so much fun trying on.

Keep in mind that the dress I chose will remain a secret until showtime! 

purpleI think the majority of us agreed that purple made me look too “pochantasi”. This dress was tried in another store. The real magic happened in Apropo’s.


Ladies, can you say heaven or what?

Dress 1: Golden Bliss


I loved the spark and glitter action going on in this dress. The back was what blew me away the most. I’m a sucker for unique back action.

whitedressThis dress was super fun and flowy. So beautiful but of course, it wasn’t hugging onto the body in a way that flaunts it so my friend, along with Sindi and I agreed this wasn’t the one.

blackdressNext, we have this beautiful black gown here in which I would have gotten in a different color of course. Black hides too much and well, when you eat and exercise correctly, you have nothing to hide! Flaunt it all out. The sequences to this dress was beautiful but nope, still not what I was looking for. Haha love how overly happy I look.  But you can never be overly happy eh? 😉

 Ready for the big one?


This dress blew me away. It hugs onto every curve of the body and the mermaid shape allows for the figure of the body to be ascentuated more. Not to mention, red looks freaking amazing on. But nope, still not the one. The one I tried on made my heart stop for a moment. ( I’m obviously exaggerating, bahaha) but seriously.

I guess you’ll have to wait to the show to find out. 

I wanted to personally thank all of my followers so much for helping me out with the color selection. They gave such great input and I truly appreciated each and every suggestion. You ladies are all the best!


Thank you Sindi for the help and my friend, Jordan Clark for lending his eye in the selection as well. What a great time it was indeed.

We have less than 2 weeks until stage time and I am ready to launch off

In Love and in Light,

Sandy Vo

© Sandy Vo 2014

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below