Dealing with negativity

Hey there precious reader,

As you are embarking with me on my journey through life as I share myself to the world in the midst of discovering who I am and finding myself, you’ll also experience my thoughts about a lot of things. I already expected to lose followers on my instagram because I’m not all about fitness and a fit body. Some people follow just to see the body  but the ones that I truly and only care for the most are the ones who look into life further than that, and connect with me through my thoughts, not my imagery.

Negativity is bliss. I don’t think people understand what my world looks like. It’s very bright and warm, although it could easily be a dark, humid place. It’s crazy that things are happening real time so my readers will get to hear every expression I make and it makes me feel better that someone else out there can understand my way of thinking.

I’ve already called this out which is why I have been keeping myself quiet and out of the light for months before things suddenly blew up but I have had no “negative” comments until starting last week when I began sharing myself with my more “personal” circle, the circle that you would call your family and friends.

Your successes in life, no matter how big or small, will always breed “haters” and “negative energy” from the most unexpected people. But little did they know, negativity here does not exist. It simply acts as a generous kind of bliss. It’s those very people who look down upon you, criticize you, doubt you, and are against you that will always make you stronger in the end, that will always be the ones

who will allow you to blossom into a greater strength of character.

If they are asking for a reaction from me, it’s  simply impossible. Does it make me feel a little subdued that the most unexpected people yield little support for me? Of course. But at the end of it all, I am transforming many lives through simply being myself.  Reacting with spite and sarcasm is unnecessary . I will hold onto every negative comment and embrace it with my kind bliss.

I’m just a unique, non- conformist following my passion doing exactly what I love and what was I was born to do. And I apologize to you if that means I think that I am so much better than you. My “accomplishments” thus far may seem like a lot to people, but it means very little to me. It even feels like nothing to me.


If you are going through a time where you are faced with negativity, my advice to you is to never doubt yourself and who you are. You are already being doubted upon enough. Steer clear and continue to strive through your own desired path regardless of what any other voices are impressing upon you.

Whether they love you or hate you, they are you. Their perception of you is simply a reflection of themselves.

Therefore, the only way to use this thing called hatred is to fuel it to our energy to help us become better people.





Had a fun round of cardio this morning and went to enjoy my breakfast while swinging and relaxing with my pure thoughts and the warm sunshine. Morning time is the best you time so fuel your body with a healthy breakfast and simply relax before your day gets busy.


Talk soon,


In Love and in Light,

Sandy Vo

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below