#24HWL Lean Machine

Lean Machine

You can do this absolutely ANYWHERE so no excuses today! This workout is a full body circuit that enables you to first start off with a full body warm up circuit by utilizing basic exercises to get the body pumped and started.  Then it transgresses into an upper body circuit, where you are utilizing your arms and back to perform upper body movements. Then it moves forth into lower body where you will be performing leg and booty workouts to a leaner you. Complete as quickly as you can and you are DONE FOR THE DAY! That’s all it takes to get fit.

TIP: *Make sure you keep it clean in the kitchen as well or you just worked out for NOTHING.*

Complex excercises explained: 

Wall Push Offs – Make sure your legs are in a comfortable stance

Burpees – When you get into a push up position, make sure to keep your back straight and take you time to perfect that form over rushing through the burpees. These target quads very well as well are your core. One of my favorite total body exercises. Make sure you jump as high as you can too.

Wall Squat- Sit against a wall and hold it for 45 seconds.

* When you get tired, rest for a little or do the exercise moderated, for example, if you can’t get through with push ups then you would use your knee and continue doing your push ups. But don’t give up, keep going no matter how slow because slow progress is STILL PROGRESS.

Just like in your life, things get tough and sometimes you feel like it’s too much and everything is drowning you down and taking you over, but it’s those that push themselves through it, no matter how slow, that will conquer in the end.  



***Keep in mind that this one exercise will not get you leaner. It’s consistently doing something in and out each and everyday. If you are already starting now, do not give up and forget to work out again tomorrow. Start up the fuel and keep yourself running. ****

I’ve only worked out with guys and men so far, and even they can’t handle working out with me, but they admit that they love me for it afterwards. Tough loving is always the best kind because it’s sincere and real. Get up this morning and get motivated to a healthier you because, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,


24 HOUR WAIT LOSS style. 


With oober love? Please?

Sandy Vo

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below

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