Let Your Imaginations Run Wild



Hey you. What’s up? I just wanted to tell you that no matter what it is in your life that you have always wanted, maybe it’s

  • a beautiful new home
  • a brand new bike
  • a nice car
  • a loving family
  • a caring husband or a wonderful wife
  • a fit body
  • or a positive kind of life in your own terms

always move forward boldy in the direction of your given capabilities and in the direction of your imagination. Knowledge is great, anyone can accumulate knowledge through reading the same standard textbooks. But it’s your unique self and your imagination that will distinguish you from the person you are sitting next to. Knowing isn’t good enough anymore, anyone can know the same thing because they are reading the same book. But your imagination belongs to only you and your creative self. Something that not a soul in this world has and something that we need. Let your imaginations run wild and listen to it.  I would say move forward confidently in the direction of your dreams but I don’t believe in dreaming.

The best ones always happen when you’re awake.

It’s about what you can do right now this present moment, not what you can do while you’re laying in bed sleeping.

Always have something to chase after and something to challenge you. And make room for “failure” too, there’s no such as failing and actually, it makes your life much more valuable. Whatever it is that you are chasing after, even after that nice body, the voices of people will doubt you, and even YOU will doubt you.

But guess what the best part is? There’s a stronger and much louder voice than the both of them combined and that voice is


Block out all kinds of negative energy or thoughts and run fast to the place in which you want to do be.

do it with your eyes closed.

In Love and in Light,

Sandy Vo

© Sandy Vo 2014

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below