How to Start Your Fitness Journey

how to start weightloss journey

Hey there,

So all your life, you’ve been dying to look a certain way and you constantly feel trapped inside of this body that you don’t love. You basically feel like a prisoner trapped inside your own body most times. You wake up, look in the mirror and go

“okkaay, ah, great, another day living inside of you, you fat, miserable, looking thing.”

 I learned all the best through trial and error and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to learn. Experience is the best kind of teacher. When I first started out, as you my reader from msfitique know, I shedded 30 lbs in 2 months and got super, super skinny! Wow, 30 lbs in two months?! ISN’T THAT AWESOME!?

No. Absolutely not. 

Last June, I was 110 lbs and looking like  a whimpy shrimp trying to trail through an ocean of water. I was eating clean and doing all the right things but excessive cardio and minimal food intake is never the answer. I didn’t do it the right way because it was the beginning stages for me and

I didn’t have the right mindset.

I seeked immediate gratification. But you know what, I think the best way to learn is to make mistakes so I’m proud of myself for going through that,  otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to help all of you! So thank goodness for experiences right?

And for that reason, I will continue to use myself as a standing ground for you to fall back on 

Weight loss is not temporary, seasonal, or momentary. It’s a lifestyle change and something that you have to commit to for the rest of your life. Anyways, you are here to add more value to your life, not to subtract it by doing things over and over again.

You are not a hamster in a wheel, you are a human being. 

So start off with the right mindset by first, LOVING YOUR BODY. Loving the visual and physical body that you are in and that you can see in the mirror. That’s the only way to start things off on a healthy slate.

Now address yourself with these:

 I want to get healthy because…

  •  Give the real reasons why you want to get healthy. Please think in terms of the long run like “I get to play tag at 60 years old with my grandchildren” versus short term like “I get too look hot in that bikini for Josh”. Who gives a flying pig about Josh, start with yourself first. Your health comes before anything.

5 small goals I will accomplish…

  • Think of 5 very small goals that you can and will make by the end of this month. Make it very realistic and something that you know you can actually do to start off. It can either be to tighten up your nutrition, it can be to start eating cleaner by eliminating sugars first then white carbs, or getting rid of soda, then junk, then candy. Or maybe getting yourself to go to the gym at least 4x this week versus 2, or to wake up earlier to make more use out of your day, or to drink more water.

Remember that the tiniest progressive changes that you

make produce the biggest kinds of results.

Just be patient with it. 

Being healthy makes me feel…

  • Think of the one time that you were actually eating super well and getting in your exercises. How great did that feel? And how healthy and positive were you feeling? Versus that one time where you overstuffed and overate that ginormous mozzerella stuffed portebella juicy burger with extra, extra, crispy cajun fries on the side after a night of partying and drinking excessive alcohol? ( Haha, excuse the past inner fatass in me, I’ll never go all the way back to that state but let me tell you, that fat brain will always be there 😉 )  

In which circumstance made you feel better?

How does being healthy make you feel?

How does overeating make you feel?

How I feel when I work out …

  • Remember that workout you missed and regretted? Yeah, everyone regrets the workout that they missed but never the workout that they actually pushed themselves to go and murder. How great did that feel? When you actually got your workout in and sweated like a hippo inside of a sauna? When you actually bring yourself to the gym and you actually finish that workout, how amazing does it make you feel? 

I love my body because….

  • In order to find success in your weight loss journey, you NEED to at all instrinsic costs, love your body.  No  matter how it looks, no matter what size you are, learn how to appreciate your body and learn how to work collectively with it to make you better. Hating on your physical state by tugging on your own fat and wanting to break the mirror everytime you stare at it will only destroy you. Hating on your physical state by starving yourself and depriving yourself of the nutrients that you body needs will only destroy you. Hating on your  physical state because your comparing your body with someone elses will only destroy you.

love it so that it can help you back and make you better. Now you just have to see it for yourself.

Don’t feel beautiful tomorrow, feel beautiful today. 

Don’t be happy tomorrow, be happy today.

I believe in myself because one time … 

  • Think of a time where you didn’t think you could do something but because you believed in yourself enough, you made it happen. This is the same way with losing weight, when you learn to believe in yourself, you WILL make it happen. Remind yourself of those moments and start off your journey with the inner belief. Don’t worry, I got your back. I’ll show you how in my book soon. =)

  I’m ready to make these changes because…

  •  Simple. Very simple question that needs your honest answer.

Maybe you’re sick of not feeling great because eating bad like everyone is so easy to do. Why are you ready to finally make these changes?

 I will NOT give up because…

  •  Now tell me EVERYTHING that motivates you to keep going. For me, there is something inside of me that motivated me to lose weight and get healthy. That something also motivates me to soar high in life as well. I pour my life out there because it’s truly made me who I am and I am not ashamed of it. At first I thought I had a lot to prove to the world, then I found that I had more to prove to MYSELF. My intrinsic motivation to be healthy exists in my past and because of that, I will do what I can to become a better person overall everyday, not just to get fit, but to get fit all around. The reason does not lie in looking hot on a magazine cover or a bikini. You need to start off with the right reasons.And you need to know that in this world, all you will ever need is yourself and the ability for you to believe in you to create your own path of exponential success.

Fitness has lead me into further into becoming the person that I am proud to be today and that’s why I’ll continue to do it for now and for the rest of my life, and that’s why I will never give up on my lifetime commitment. 

I am showing you that before you make a decision to get fit only to look good for that ex, to look good at the party in the summer, to make your girlfriends jealous, SCRATCH THAT.

Remember your REAL reasons why. And that starts inside of you.

 This is the kind of blueprint that you need to create in your mind. Losing weight and getting healthy starts with your mind then connects with your body. Without a strong mental state, without the right reasons, you will find a hard time succeeding in the long run. So I hope this will help you out as you start kicking off your journey to a new fit life.

Remember, it’s called a journey because your life is a journey. Things aren’t meant to be perfect and yes sometimes it gets tough. But whether you want to keep going or quit on living the best kind of life that you can live depends on you.

And hey, listen to me, if I can believe in you, then why can’t you believe in you? 

In Love and In Light,

Sandy Vo

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below