The Art of Bodybuilding: Why I Decided to Build My Body



Take a close look at that body real quick. What do you see? Muscles? Intimidation? Steroids? That’s too much?

If that is so, I encourage you to begin to open your mind. Wanna know what I see when I look at that body? I see determination, I see disciple, I see hard work, I see will power, I see strength, I see fearlessness, I see power.

That’s not just what bodybuilding is about people, that’s what life is about. Open your eyes wide and your mind wider.

So some of you are aware that June 29th I will be competing in my first bodybuilding show with the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion . I have been prepping since January 21, meaning I have been eating and training under a strict regimen for 4 months now. YES! I started early because I wanted to smart about it. I knew that in order to do it the healthiest way possible, I needed to leave a lot of room to burn fat and build muscle for the best kind of physique. Right now I am less than 6 weeks out.



****the NOW in the photo was actually back in April. I’m a little further along now 😉 But here is a little snippet of my progress.



Posing Taken  May 16, 2013 


How did I achieve this kind of progress so quickly most of you have asked? I used a very, very, powerful tool. But stick around with me, I’ll share it with you soon. I promise it’ll be worth it. Now, let’s move on to bodybuilding talk..

To the mainstream, when people hear bodybuilding. They immediately cringe and have all kinds of thoughts associated with it. Steroids? Muscles? Ew, girls with muscles? Manly look women? Straight egoism? Fat burners? Pills? Metabolic damage? UNHEALTHY? A bunch of shredded people standing on a stage and getting judged? Wrong. That is absolutely the most wrong assumption to make. And that is why I encourage you to open your ways of thinking before you decide to judge absolutely anything.

What I’ve learned and who I have become because of this progress is something profound and more than I can even explain to you, but you can clearly read my articles and see through my writing for yourself. There are those that abuse the sport and there are those that understand that is more than just a sport. It’s more than looking muscular on stage and posing. Bodybuilding is an art. The art of the human mind transits through the visual image of a body, a body that speaks for the silence of our most strongest thoughts. Every rep, every meal, every round. 




In this video,

  • I update you on my progress to the WBFF stage
  • Share with you why a girl like me decided to become a bodybuilder
  • Give you insight on the common assumptions with bodybuilding
  • Share with you why it is an art and not a “lunkhead” sport

Prepare yourself and get motivated! It’s much more deep than you think 😉

With oober love,

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below