How to Live a Positive Kind of Life


Yes, I am the girl that wakes up smiling at the ceiling because the sun is not yet out. I am the girl that listens to “All Star” by Smashmouth while baking and making pancakes in her underwear. I am the girl who finds joy when there is pain, color when there is darkness, strength when there is weakness. In such a rapid, inundated kind of world, how do you live a positive kind of life?

The answer is simple. You wake up and start your day  to the best of your standards. And your standards better be high! Just like them heels. You want to be happy? Then do it. Wake up and smile that you have all of today, tomorrow and the rest of your life to look forward to instead of waking up in misery with grudges that you have held on for past circumstances.

How to live each day so that everyday adds up to an incredible, happy, positive kind of life?


  •  I don’t care what it is that you have to do to make yourself smile, no not smile, LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF. Look at the mirror and make funny faces. Take the goofiest pictures of yourself and laugh at it.


  • Wait. You don’t know how? Even better! Make a fool out of yourself and dance until your legs get more sore than leg day. 


  •  I feel bad for people watching me as I drive in my car. I sing as if I was performing on the world’s largest stage. The funniest part is when I pull up to a stoplight and the car next to me just stares. What do I do? I stare right back, smile and I keep on singing =)


  • That’s right people. Negativity is just like a piece of turd. It smells, its ugly, it makes you feel better when its outside of you than inside of you, and it makes your life better than its flushed down the toilet. As there are many many beautiful people in this world, there are also beautiful people with bad intentions. People will try to drown you down, people will be hateful, negative, and cruel towards you. Sometimes, actually, most times, they are people that are closest to you. Flush it all out and distance yourself from those that repeatedly try to bring you down.


  • if you’re on my page, you should already be a passionate worker outter so i’m not worried about that. But I cannot express enough how much working out and sweating everyday will make you feel. Exercise!


  • What’s the point of living if the things that you are doing in your day to day routine is only for yourself? Inspire others. Make them want to become better too. Selflessness is the key to a positive life. Give, give and give. But in order to give at all, you need to first be 120% confident with you are. Ultimately, the more you give, the more you will receive.



How are you going to live today? I hope you make it positive.


In Love and In Light,


© Sandy Vo 2014

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below