How to Be Committed and Stick to Your Goals For Good

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Let’s have a little chat about something that I’m pretty sure we can all relate to. Whether it’s a goal to lose weight or to achieve something that we’ve always wanted, a lot of us have trouble sticking to it. At first, we get super excited for making the goal, we even develop plans, schedules, calendars, routines so that we can actually carry out the goals. We do great for about a month or so aaaand, it all goes downhill from there.


Last night I was having a catch up chat on the phone with one of my long time friends that I have not gotten the chance to speak to in a while. It was the typical “So how’s everything going with you?” “Going out a lot?” “Still that food junkie like usual huh?!” Let’s just say you should’ve heard his reaction after I responded with completely unexpected answers for him. He replied, “Omg that’s crazy. You used to be the biggest “fatass” ( mentally fat that is, I had a fast metabolism and stayed skinny fat for the most part hehe) food junkie in the world. I remember every time you were making one of your gourmet sandwiches and pizza you would NOT eat it unless it had all the right condiments.” For example, for my pizza, I had to have Ranch, Ketchup, and Garlic Sauce to dip it into or I just wouldn’t enjoy my pizza. For my sandwiches, I had to have feta cheese and my special mayo sauce or I wouldn’t eat it. I was a super critical food junkie about having the right extras to my food. How about A1 sauce with my Stuffed Mozzerella Burgers with sweet sauteed onions and peppers?

The conversation had me laughing a bunch alright because it brought back flashes of memories of me licking my plates. Then I looked at who I am right now, and I’m like “Wow.” Just “wow”. How did a food junkie, an “I – want- to- cook- everything- gourmet- chef” who poured about 1/2 a cup of cheese in her alfredo sauce, become such a clean eating, healthy food loving fit girl? What?! How did that happen? It was a little unbelievable for a good moment. Then it clicked, I knew what I wanted, I made my goal, and I stayed committed it.

It’s so easy to get derailed right? So when we make goals, how do we actually stay committed and stick to our goals?

1. Make Good Use Of the Power of Visualization

Visualization is a super strong process that each and everyone of us have inside of us. It’s when you take a long moment in a quiet place by yourself and strictly visualize in your head you actually accomplishing that goal. Now, I say process because visualization should never stop. When we first initiate by making our goals, the majority of us utilize visualization very strongly. We visualize that image at the end of the tunnel of where we want to be in our lives. That’s how we are committed for that first month. But after that first month, we begin to lose sight of that image and the tunnel gets darker and darker. When you first visualize your goals and you visualize yourself actually achieving those goals, make it a ritual to continue that visualization process for just 1-2 minutes a day. When you wake up in the morning, before touching your phone to check your emails, before getting out of bed, create a mental picture of you achieving that goal. If your goal was to lose weight be healthy, create a mental picture of you looking sassy with that weight loss and then a picture of you being 72 and still running around with your grand children. This process will help to keep you committed everyday.

2. Set Your Priorities and Define Them A lot of times we fall off track with our goals because we aren’t being specific or our goals are not defined enough. When our goals are not defined enough, life happens and we easily get side tracked. At that one point, our goal meant the ultimate thing to us. Then some kind of distraction happens and we start to put those goals aside and abandon them. When you define your goals well you are less likely to forget about it. This way when distractions occur, you can ask yourself

Hmm, okay is this momentary distraction worth me risking losing sight of my goal? What’s my main priority? What’s my ultimate goal? Will this distraction worsen them or help me?

3. Re- Route Your Destination Map

In the beginning if you’ve used visualization, you basically created a destination map. A destination map is a basically a constructed map of building blocks that will bring you closer to your goals. Life happens right? Things don’t go your way and something big and bad happens that creates the road block on your destination map. This is where stop yourself and become really strong about it. You’re not going to give up on your goal but you’re going to re-route your path to bring yourself there. Don’t let setbacks make you forget the long term prize waiting for you at the end.

4. Re- Affirm Your Habits

That first month was going well because you had schedules, calendars, and you’ve created habitual routines that helped you stay on track. Now that you’ve fallen back, re-affirm those habits to bring you back on track again. For example, in the beginning you were very adamant about waking up at 6:00am for cardio. You were on point on with making sure to eat clean, whole foods. You made sure that everyday, you would drink down 1 gallon of water. Get yourself back to that habitual behavior so that you can go back to your original motivation and re-establish your habits.

5. Give It Your Best Shot

Half-assing is a waste of time. If something is worth doing at all, you might as well be doing it with 110% of all you’ve got.  Think about those long hard hours you spent sweating in the gym. Think about those days where you absolutely hated waking up for cardio but you did it anyway. How about that day when your friends ordered your favorite gourmet cheesy pizza and you manifested all of the willpower in you to say no? That felt great right? You’ve been giving it your best shot for that long already so why not stay committed? Why allow yourself to fall off the plan? Why put all of your hard work thus far in the trash? Keep putting one foot in front of the other and continue striving forward!

6. Eliminate Self Doubt

Oh yeah, saved the best point for last because we all are creatures of self doubt! It’s so easy to stick to a plan when you know that it’s going to work so when you start developing self doubt about your outcomes, it becomes harder to stick to your plan. Self doubt is damaging to your atitude towards accomplishing a certain goal. As soon as you allow your mind to doubt, you’re letting it win. Eliminate self doubt by first, avoid overthinking the situation. You already know what you need to do to get there, now you just need to do it. There’s no need to doubt your abilities! Pick your path and stick to it relentlessly until you succeed. (Then you can go and crush some more goals right? 😉 )


Here’s a guideline of me being committed at my goals in a glance:

  1. I knew what I wanted and I knew what I needed to do to get myself
  2. I visualized in my head each and everyday, which helped me to stayed focused
  3. I was determined to reach my goal despite any downfalls or roadblocks
  4. I created plans, maps, calendars, routines, schedules, boards, anything that would serve as a reminder
  5. I became a person of strong self efficacy, self belief. Doubting myself was not an option.
  6. I woke up every morning ready to hit the gym and kept my vision in sight.
  7. I was committed each and everyday to the point where people thought I was crazy. Remember, dedicated people and people who live in undisciplined  ways are two kinds of people. I never let their opinions get to my head.
  8. My defined goal was to be healthy, fit, and happy in the long run so I knew I had to do everything I could BY THE INCHES right now to get myself there

I executed one small goal which helped me to execute another. It just keeps getting better from there. You can do it!

Businesswoman with Arms Outstretched

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than the words. It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time after time, year after year after year. Commitment is the stuff character is made of; the power to change the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism.”


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I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below