Product Review: P28 Breads


Last month, P28 Breads sent me a huge package of their product. Inside this ginormous box, there were breads, flatwraps and bagels.
P28 Breads is very widely known in the fitness industry and those familiar with the fitness industry but not so much the mainstream. Which leaves me a little baffled considering the high quality of ingredients made into this delicious loaf of protein bread. It was dangerous to have this lying around as I prep for my competition.



Before I dig into any product, I always look for the story behind it. Those are generally the products that I fall in love with the most.

The Story:

Of course this bad boy had a pretty funny storyline behind it. It was invented by three brothers who were overweight and wanted to get back in shape. While working with a nutritionist and personal trainer, they formulated this product to try get themselves to get fit again. As stated on the back of the bread container, they realized how important it was to have Protein in their diet but didn’t want to give up the carbs …in this case .. BREAD! So after they used P28 for about a year, they finally reached their goal.

The Claims:
-100% Natural
-28 g of protein per two slices
-rich source of 8 essential amino acids ( what your body needs for growth, energy and vibrant health)
-cholesterol free
-good source of fiber
-Omega 3’s
-Excellent for people who are trying to lose weight and fat
-Made with 100% Whole Wheat Flour, Oat, Flax seed, sunflower seed, and Millet
– Tastes Great! and makes for the perfect balanced meal pre-post workout snack.

“Everyone from children to bodybuilders and athletes can benefit from P28. “

My Thoughts:

P28 Breads:


AaaaaaaaDDICTING. What I loved most about the bread were two things:

1) Texture: The texture of the bread was super spongey and made me feel like I was eating a light cake. It was soft and fluffy and gave me this orgasmic feeling  every time I bit into it. (Haha, sorry “foodie talk”) But it was also chewy at the same time.

2) Taste: Amazing. I am not exaggerated and I was ready to down about 5 slices every time I bit into one. This is due to the whey protein isolate and cinnamon that is extracted into the bread. I loved it. It’s not like your average bread with bland taste and barely any nutritional value but carbs into your system.

Because the bread was on the sweet side, I actually turned into a dessert like treat. I quickly damped the bread in water and added my vanilla protein powder on top, a dash of cinnamon and a dash of cocoa powder. As weird as that sounds, it tasted and felt like I was eating a freaking cake and a healthy freaking cake too. Because I don’t enjoy surgery cakes anyways. Heh.

Nutrition Facts:
1 slice is 130 calories 30 calories from fat
Total Fat: 3.5 g
Total Carbs: 12 g
Total Protein: 14 g

^^ Those are some pretty nutritional facts, I tell ya.

P28 Flatbreads:


When I made my flatbread treat, I stopped chewing and said … help. It was so good. I thought of so many different ways that I could make some bad ass recipes with and I had to stop myself before I ate the whole bag. The texture, once again, was so soft and the taste of it again, was on the sweet side but I made some hummus with it and it tasted great.

My readers know about my sweet tooth so I, of course made this a sweet treat. I slathered the flatbread with peanut butter, added bananas, cinnamon and toasted it in the oven for 5 minutes for crispy, oozing, sweet GOOOODNESS.

Some ideas:
-Make a flatbread pizza using sliced tomatoes, sliced chicken breasts, low mozzerella cheese, and tomato sauce
-Make a mediterranean wrap using pesto, feta cheese, olives and sliced turkey
-Cut the flatbread into pieces like ( pita chips) and bake them. Dip them into hummus, salsa or your own guacamole mix. Learn how to make your own guacamole with my recipe here.

Nutritional Facts:
260 calories
Total Fat: 7 g
Total Carbs: 27 g
Total Protein: 28 g

As you can see, this is a very densed product in terms of calories. In addition to that, you’ll be adding more ingredients obviously to make the flatbread into a recipe. So my advice is to not eat the entire flatbread but rather, split that portion so that you can enjoy it with more ingredients ( like chicken, tomato sauce, etc)

P28 Bagel:


The bagels tasted the same as their other products but the only issue I have here is that they were very hard to bite into. BUT, I enjoyed them a lot after I toasted them up and added my protein powder mix on top. So definitely, if you get your hands on these, make sure to toast them for best quality. Isn’t that what people do with bagels any ways? What was I thinking? Oh jeeze, Sandy. What to do with you sometimes? Haha continuing on, these were great to snack on while on the go. Just toast, add pb, and off you go.

Nutrition Facts:
260 calories
Total Fat: 7 g
Total Carbs: 25 g
Total Protein: 28 g

Overall Rating: 5/5

The problem is that most breads that we eat out there bought from grocery stores are generally high in carbs, contain frutose corn syrup, unnecessary additives and barely add any kind of nutritional value to your body. These breads are high on my foodie list because they have those nutritional values such as omega fats, amino acids, and an integration of healthy complex carbs from great sources like whole wheat and millet. I also liked that use sunflower seeds and flaxseeds as well ( that’s where the omega fats are from, something super essential to have in your daily diet.)

Can I see this product being a part of my everyday life? Yes! Did my younger brother, sister and mother love it just as much as I did? Yes! Unfortunately, I was not able to experiment around with these breads too much because like I said, I am currently prepping for a show and am under a new strict eating guideline. However, I see a lot of ways that I can get creative using these breads in my recipe. It was nice to let my family enjoy it and finish it off for me though =)

SIDENOTE: For my gluten free eaters, please do note that these are not gluten free. They contain wheat as stated so if you are intolerant to any wheat products at all, this product may not be for you!

To purchase your own p28 breads, click here.

Have you tried any P28 Products? How was your experience with it? 

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below

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