Stuck in Bed? How to Get Motivated

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Ever have those days where you wake up, take a few glances on your phone, stare and the time and feel like not getting out of bed at all? It probably happens to the average person more than we’d like to think. That’s another reason why I’m so bound to an active lifestyle, because it really helps to get you going in the morning once your body is programmed to the routine. But let me tell you, even then sometimes I feel like just laying in my bed forever (very rare). It’s a crappy feeling because it makes you feel like you behind the rest of the world, but let’s face it, IT’S OKAY because we’ve all been there. The feeling of motivation to get up and do something sometimes lessens as we continue on in our lives. It could be that at the beginning you were super motivated to get a certain project started, like mission bikini body here I come, then towards the middle, you lack the motivation to continue.

Figure out what happened. Well, life happens. You have more obligations to fulfill and it gets harder to distribute your utmost attention to one certain project. When life strikes at you, you strike back. Here are a few tips and tricks that I do to keep myself motivated day in and day out:

1) Write a List of Things to Do the Next Day Before Going to Bed

Before bed, I jot down what my schedule is going to look like and write a list of things that I absolutely want to complete. Working out is by no means negociable. No matter how my schedule looks, I make sure that I have my 45 min to 1 hour of me time in the gym. Writing things down will first help you sleep better because all your constant, lingering thoughts are now down on paper. It also helps you feel like you have a sense of obligation to finish your next day with check marks by each written item.

2) Set the Alarm Clock Up At An Early Time and Title it ” WAKE YO ASS UP LAZY BUM!!!!”

I set my alarm clock at 5:00 am, sometimes 5:30 to make sure that my ass gets up and going before the day starts. I know that when I actually get up, brush my teeth, hop inside my sneakers that I am ready to be on the go. All I need is to get my workout in and that serves as a morning coffee for me, if you will. Getting up early is hard the first few days but I can ensure that if you can get yourself to get up at 5:30 am for 3 consecutive mornings, you will LOVE the way you feel on day four! That’s what happened to this morning hater right here. I was never an early bird or morning person. In fact, sleeping in watching tv shows until 1 pm used to be my kinda thing. But that’s another reason why I got into fitness, it gets me going. 😉

3) Recognize That Sometimes Less is More

Maybe you’re just feel demotivated because you took way too much on your plate. I will be the first to admit that I am a criminal of this. When you take on too many projects, you mind becomes frizzled in all kinds of directions and you’ll find that as soon as you lose efficiency in one project, you lose efficiency in everything else. Sometimes my friend, and probably most times, less is more. Only take on important tasks that matter to you and don’t be afraid to say no to things that are not. When you get too busy, completely stop with everything you’re doing and do absolutely nothing for 20 minutes. Meditate, breathe, relax your mind and regain your driving force.

4) Believe in Yourself

Loss of motivation can easily link to self efficacy. Self efficacy is about how much a person believes in themselves and their ability to do something. How much do you believe in yourself that you can complete this task? That you can reach your goal? It’s one of the strongest forces of motivation to me. Once you learn to believe in YOU and YOUR innate ability to get to where you want to go, there is no stopping you. But once you lose that sense of self belief, you lose the motivation to keep moving forward as well. So don’t knock down the hustle, just keep believing that you can do it and you will.

5) Follow Influential Footsteps


From the top of your head, pick 4 people who are influential and inspire you the most. Look at your life and their roadmap that got them to where they are today. You’ll see that they probably started from ground zero and now, grew into a mountain of success. Everybody has a starting place. Some just fail to become successful in fulfilling their goals because they stop right in the middle, never making it to the finish line. Look at your leaders and use them as a source of motivation to keep you going.

6) YouTube, Read, Google.

YouTube inspirational, motivational videos and you will want to get your ass up in little to no time. You’d be astonished at the amount of inspiring spirits out there who strive to lead an extraordinary life despite adversities and struggles. Read motivational stories, quotes, books until you find that niche of motivation inside of you again. This right here, my friends, is only one of hundreds.


As soon as you get up, TAKE ACTION. Forget about laying in bed and whining all day about how lazy you feel. Trust me, laying in bed all day will make you feel even worse. As soon as you get up, do 15 jumping jacks, splash cold water on your face, get yourself to the gym, get your workout in, and you feel absoluteeeely amazing. Trust me, a workout is never regretted. Only the workouts that you don’t do are the ones that you will regret.

8) Why did you even start to begin with?


Have a little self reflection time. Ask yourself this question over and over again. Are you really serious about getting this goal of yours completed? The answer is probably yes. So ask yourself over and over again, and remind yourself why you even got started in the first place. A lot of times when we set goals for ourselves…
1. Lose 10 lbs by August
2. Get a worthy, handsome boyfriend
3. Ace that base
4. Score an awesome job

5. Make that team

…and we don’t see the results right away, we immediately lack motivation to keep going. Well the secret here is time ladies, it’s all about patience . Believe in yourself! Know that as long as you’re willing to put in work towards something, the result is waiting for you patiently at the end. So don’t get demotivated because you’re not seeing tremendous results right away, it’s there trust me! Be proud of any progress you make at all and YANK that motivation that you had from the very beginning right outta you to keep pushing forward. Remember, the tiny changes produce the biggest results!

“Successful people do what they have to do, even when they don’t feel like it.”
With oober Love,
Sandy Vo

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below

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