The Power of Self Love

This fitness lifestyle has helped me realize the power of self love more than anything.

Perhaps the best and most valuable advice I have ever given to myself is to love yourself and to love yourself the most. I mean this in the most in the most unselfish way possible. Whether we are talking about relationships with husbands, boyfriends, friends, family or whether we are talking about losing weight. Whatever the case may be, what I want to stress to you is the power of self love.

When it comes to relationships, too many people jump into them without know who they are and as a result, they become the other person. It happens to all of us. You become so consumed in doing everything for everyone else, being a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister, a friend. You give and give so much of yourself and you pour your all of your love into them. But have you ever stopped to consider what would happen if one day, one by one, you were to lose them all? You have become so much a part of them that when you lose them all, you will completely lose yourself.

The is the reason being why I want to point out how absolutely important it is to love yourself first before you love anyone else, and I mean anyone. Think about it, it’s hard to maintain a relationship and love someone else when you can’t even love yourself first or more to begin with. Figure out who you are first and love every part of it before you become tied up with someone else. Find what makes you you and appreciate that before giving your heart away. Every relationship will be a little more fonder when two confident people collide knowing what it means to love oneself and in return, it’ll make it easier to love each other. To truly love another person, is to truly appreciate who you are first. To me, loving yourself is the formula to every succession in life.

In reference to losing weight, Do you think you’re going to lose weight and stay fit if you are constantly bashing on and hating your body? Do you think you’re going to be happy if you tug on the fat on your stomach everyday and cry yourself to sleep because you can’t stand the way you look when you stare at yourself in the mirror? Do you think that starving your body because you hate it so bad will make you any healthier? Will it even make you better? Do you think that fantasizing about how “perfect” this supermodel’s body is compared to yours will give you a healthy body? Do you think that running 4 miles a day on 800 calories of food is called a fit lifestyle?

No. Absolutely not. You need to love your body in every shape, form, size that it comes in. No matter how big you are or how small. You need to love yourself, your mind, your heart, your soul in everything that it is. Believe that you were born as this special person because there is absolutely no one out there exactly like you. If you don’t like something about yourself, don’t hate yourself for it. Get up and do something about it. Change it. Do something about it. Cherishing who you are will eventually get you there, hating who you are will not. Believe me when I say you will grow success in every part of your life … only when you learn the true power of self love.

Always kick off the week to a great start. This week, and for the rest of your life, you can start by loving yourself.

Love yourself first. Love yourself the most. Love yourself always.

Happy Motivational Monday!

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I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below