5 Ways To Be Happy

Happy. One word. Two syllables. Such an easy thing to say but such a hard concept to grasp a hold of sometimes. Or at least that’s what many of us like to think. You know what’s pretty awesome about happiness? You get to control it. You get to decide if tonight you’re going to go bed happy or if tomorrow you’re going to wake up happy. Absolutely nothing can hinder that, even a deck of bills and spilled coffee on your shirt. ( If you weren’t focusing on how bad your day is going, that wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Get my point dahh-ling? Channel your energy around things that will make you happy. Let absolutely nothing bring you down. If something negative happens in your life, DEAL with it, then move forward. It’s not worth dwelling on the situation and letting it ruin the rest of your day.

Short Story Time
Well first, I’ll share with you a quick story. So last week while out of town running some errands,I parked my car, went inside the building and did what I had to do. Returned two hours later to find that my car was missing?! WHATTT?! I then noticed the small sign that says ( NO PARKING, TOW ZONE) . What did I do? I laughed. Gave myself a little palm to the forehead and really just stood there and laughed. Walked inside the building of which the property belongs to and was like “Yeah … I think … my car just got towed.” With the biggest smile on my face. The lady replied, “Oh no sweet heart. I’m so sorry to hear. Yeah they’re like hawks here when you violate that sign.”

Then a super kind gentlemen named Jim asked me if I knew what company towed my car. He then took a notebook and pen and was about to run outside in the freezing cold without a jacket to write down their phone number for me. Of course, I hastily hollered “Nooo, I’ll go find it myself.” So I went out, got the number then realized “AH,I left my phone inside my car.” Now I’m stuck with no contacts or a phone to call anyone to even GET me to find my car. Jim saw the slight smiley smirk and lifted brow look on my face and asked if there was anything he can do to help. I just said “It’d be nice if I could use your phone.” Then he replies, ” Well ya know what? I’m headed down the direction of that place if you can wait a bit I’d be happy to give you a lift.” I was pretty ecstatic. The 5 minute ride was awesome because I got to learn so much about Jim and the love he has for his daughter ( who is very much into health living as I am). I was so gracious for his kind deed! I finally got to the towing station, made some talk with these people who I called sharks to Jim at first ( Haha ). But realized they were just a small family trying to make the same kind of living we all are. (Plus it was my bad that I violated the sign.) They were super friendly, and that was it. I got charged $150.00 fine. I got my car and my day went on like nothing happened! As a result, I remained a happy little me and got to meet great people along the way. Best of all, I wasn’t stressed and the result of events that occurred after that were even better ( I was a non-local yet still got a free entry into a gym, SCORE!) BECAUSE I stayed positive and because well … I stayed happy.

So if you find it hard to snag on some happiness in your life. With that said, let me share with you 5 ways that make me happy every darn day through whatever “negative” events that occur:

Step 1) Look in the mirror and laugh. Literally. Fake a smile first ( it’ll turn real in a quick millisecond, trust me). Then make the ugliest face you could ever possibly imagine. Uglier than the ass of the baby of a gorilla and the hulk. ( Ew, I just got a bad image there) Then laugh. It works every time for me. And instantly brightens up my day.


Step 2) Listen to music! I can’t express enough how listening to music can instant brighten up your mood. Compile your own playlist of cheery music that will instantly lift your mood up. Or you can easily use great apps like and websites like Tunigo.com
that already have playlists curated out for you depending on your mood. Click the mood category and click on any and I promise you are on your way to a sore jaw from smiling all day. You can also just blast up All Star by Smash Mouth and dance away in your pjs like I do. =D

Step 3) DANCE. Do the craziest, ugliest, funniest, wildest, dance you can ever imagine. Next time you get a bad grade on your test or you walk outside and the rain is pouring on your beautifully done hair and you just feel like your whole day is about to go down the drain. STOP. Stop yourself from the thoughts. Find a spare place or even in front of people ( I’ve done it before, what does embarrassing mean again?) and just dance your legs away! Heck with it, dance in the rain and show it what cha got!


Step 4) Surround yourself with positive people. It’s so important to get rid of negativity in your life when it comes to people who are only looking to bring you down. Stick around people who look on the bright side and wake up on the greener grass. You’ll feel comfort and happiness right now. If it’s not people, find some good love with your pet! Animals are so cute. I used to talk to my pet goldfish Lucky, who actually lived for 5 years!!! I bet all my good lovin’ made him feel good and kept him alive for so long. I’m telling you, being positive and happy is contagious. Even to animals =D


Step 5) If all else fails, watch this and I promise you you will fall off your chair and roll around on every surface of the floor. (Okay maybe you won’t but I sure did)

Hope I made you a little happier. Really though, just start with a smile. A simple smile goes a long way. 😉

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below

  • Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it
    or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a
    little bit, but other than that, this is excellent blog.
    A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.