How to Get What You Want Out Your Life


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Now most of you might look at that picture in the corner and think that the “hungry” is related to food, possibly a cheeseburger with crispy fatty bacon slices and spicy ranch buffalo sauce ( can you tell I know how to eat dirty ? EX- JUNK PRO right here ). Anywho, I’m not talking about hunger for food silly, I’m talking about hunger for the things you want out of life.

Now I know you’re thinking I’m just a 21 year old college student, what do I know right? What do I know about getting things I want out of life? But what do I know? I know that everything that I have gotten out of my life that I have ever wanted thus far, no matter how big or small, resulted from my hunger to get myself there. That’s what I love about myself (it sounds a little overly confident but trust me girls, learning to love your best qualities is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do for yourself) the smallest change, the smallest progress, the smallest inch that I am moving forward in life makes me so happy because I know that later down the road, it’ll result in huge huge successes. Like this story here about losing weight and acing exams… So I used to stuff my face in books all the time yet my grades weren’t pretty, for a year I worked out 2 hours a day yet my body was still pudgy. Last semester I received a 3.8 gpa and my body was the best it’s ever been. You see back then I wasn’t hungry, I pretended to be. I’d spend hours studying and reading and reading BUT I wasn’t synthesizing any information in my head because I was too busy dwelling on the things that I don’t have in my life. I’d spend hours in gym but I’d finish after and go eat a slice of cheesy buffalo chicken pizza. What happened was that hunger inside me was non existent because I was too focused on the things that I don’t want versus the things that I do.

What made an enormous difference in my life was realizing how hungry I was really was to succeed and synthesizing that to every part of my being. That means that when I read, I’m going to focus on reading and holistically relating materials to how it relates to me. That means when I’m working out, I’m going to focus on strong workouts along with eating clean and fueling my body with dense nutrients. Every human being has this kind of hunger hidden inside of them and when you fuel the hunger, you will find that you’ll be more driven to get to where you need to go. Channel yourself with what’s most important to you and go for it! Become an independent, strong woman and expend your soul and energy into your goals in life. Know your standards, know your worth and shoot for the sky my doll!

Next time you want to ace your test, next time you get ready to go workout, next time you want to get a promotion from your boss, next time you want to really lose weight, next time you want to get ahead in ANYTHING in life …. ask yourself … HOW HUNGRY ARE YOU?!

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below