Martin Luther King Jr: A Living Legacy


What does Martin Luther King Jr and fitness have in common? I focus a lot of my writing on self development because who you are internally has a lot to do, has everything to do with the determination of your successes in life, whatever they may be. In order to give your all in anything, you first need to assess the potential of self. How much are you willing to push yourself to make some kind of change? Maybe it’s to change the world, or maybe it’s to lose 50 lbs. Whatever it may be, it starts with the little steps you take in the development of yourself. Martin Luther King Jr remains one of the greatest minds and inspirations in my life because his powerful words can move anyone to take action.

I am happy to dedicate a day of honor to one of the most influential human beings to have ever walked this Earth. His words are raw, powerful and everlasting. His sincerity and strong belief that there are limitless boundaries made what the average human mind thinks is ‘impossible’ …possible. He remains to be solid proof that you can do absolutely whatever it is that your heart desires, as long as you believe. A part of my daily routine involves listening to this daring bold man and I still get goosebumps every time. As a word of advice, your fitness goal is a mental game. Your life is mental game. It’s all mental. And in order to make the best out of it you need to develop the kind of thinking like these influential leaders. This is the reason why instead of listening to Katy Perry during my entire cardio session, I devote about 10-20 minutes listening to great speeches from the world’s/history’s most influential people. I title Mr.King as a living legacy because although his presence may physically not be here, his spirit and actions are being carried out and followed by people like us every single day. He doesn’t need a physical standing on this ground to exist. He lives on in all of our hearts as we cling to his words to find motivation to achieve the “impossible”.

Happy MLK day everyone!

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I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below