How to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Work

According to statisticbrain, the number of Americans who are successful in achieving their New Year’s Resolutions is 8%. Let’s change that shall we?

I hear this saying a lot. I hear people preach it somewhere almost every day. It’s the moral to every sudden tragic death story. The sad part is that it takes for those moments to occur for us to come to the realization that life really is too short. So what happens after those moments? We go around and give a little “live it to your fullest” spiel in almost every conversation we engage in. Let a week go by and we all fail to remember it. We once again fall into this never ending pit where we get tied up in our busy lives and we simply forget about it …until something tragic happens again that is. When we think of living life to the fullest, we often think of being positive and happy 24/7.  Maybe that means forgiving people you have been holding a grudge against or maybe it means smiling so hard for so long that your jaw hurts by the end of the day OR maybe it means to go do something nuts and take crazy risks like jumping off an airplane.

But let’s just be honest with ourselves here. As positive as you want to be, life has a way of bringing constant circumstances towards your direction that can dwindle you down a little. It doesn’t matter how positive of a person you claim to be, we are all bound to have our negative days. Then some people take living to the fullest as a “YOLO” kind of lifestyle. I cannot express to you how much I despise that phrase. Let’s go do something crazy that we won’t remember the next day, let’s tear our livers up, let’s get so obliterated that we feel hungover for days, let’s risk our lives and risk our education. Sure sweetie, because that really means living to the fullest. Now that is when this innocent quote becomes a cliche, unrealistic one. Guess what? I don’t want that.

It’s like the “New Year, New Me” line you hear every year. How many times do we say that and how many times have we actually become a “new me”? Hell, one friend said “it’s a new year, I’m losing 30 pounds! ” I visit weeks later and he gains 30 pounds along with an additional 10 instead. It’s been going on for 3 years now. I don’t want unrealistic—I want rational, practical meaning to this quote. Not some pragmatic line that we all throw around every time a sudden tragic event occurs.

So my New Years Resolution?
It’s going to be a more definitive meaning of “Live each day as it were the last day of your life.” 
It’s going to be realistic, something I know I can actually achieve by taking the right measures and maneuvering the right actions to get there. Live every day to your fullest. Yep. That’s my resolution.

And it goes a little something like this:

13 Ways I Will Make My New Year’s Resolution Work

1. Take at least one action everyday that makes me feel spectacular inside.
Whether it’s donating things that I don’t need, lend an elderly person a hand with groceries, or reach out to people who need a little kick of motivation to get the bodies they deserve. Just something that makes me feel like I am living for more than just myself.

2. Do something for the important people in my life that show them how much I appreciate them.
Sincere words of expression of how I feel ( something I’ve always had trouble doing). Take some kind of action.

3. Treat myself. Do something that means “me time”.
This could be the gym ( bahaha, we already know I do that everyday), giving myself a nice facial, painting my nails, or putting music on to sing and dance, even if it’s only for 2 minutes.

4. Be organized.
The older I get the more I realize that organization is a key element to a successful life. Organization in all areas that means. I really believe it starts in your very own room. When your objects, paper work and clothes are organized, your day starts off brighter. You are not ruffling around, running in circles trying to find your earring or your favorite jeans. This in all makes you late for whatever it is you have to do which in turn produces the outcome of a bad day. Organization then continues from your room to your schedule. When you are organized with your schedule you are saving yourself a heck a lot of time. Organize when your productive hours will be and when your play hours will be. Work time versus hanging out with friends and family time. Then it comes down to organization overall. Organize financials, spendings, budgets, career goals and how I’m going to get there.

5. Sleep early.
My problem has been lack of sleep. I get in about 5-6 hours a night. Probably more like 4-5 when school is session. And the problem with those short hours of sleep is that they aren’t even productive. I’m half awake with a racing mind half the time. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my energy and performance when I get enough sleep ( 8 hours ) versus when I don’t.

6. Stress less about the future. Focus more on today. 
Learn to care for things of the moment only and believe in myself enough to know that things will eventually fall into place. As it is with any individual, as long as you are working hard, opportunity with eventually meet you and that’s what manifests success. Stop thinking so much and be okay with the fact that I cannot know the answer to everything.

7. Perform an action that will get me one step closer to my life goals.
I don’t even want to say life goals. That sounds intimidating to me. As a matter of fact that’s what has me worried as a college student most of the time. Having the thought that I am going to school to get this one degree, to pursue this one career and do that for the rest of my life. LIFE isn’t definitive like that. There are twists and turns no matter what direction you go through. Anything at all, maybe it means helping a local non-profit organization implement a plan to drive more attention towards their mission, or collaborating with a fitness junkie like myself to promote a healthy lifestyle, absolutely any action that at all that will get me closer to where I want to be. Marketing enthusiast speaking right here.

8. Get down to my desired weight, and maintain it. 
As for goals with my personal health habits, I’ve struggled with weight pretty much all my life. I’ve been skinny, skinny fat, chubby, fat, really fat, fit and now I want to be fit with more muscle and tone. Then I want to keep it that it. Losing weight was not the hardest part, maintaining was. I want to keep habits that will bring me closer to my goals and trash away habits that do not.

9. Learn an interesting fact everyday along with a new word and definition.
Reflect on it before I sleep at night. Today I learned …. I thought it was interesting because …. when it comes to a new word, I’ll use it in a sentence when talking to someone so I can immediately learn and memorize the meaning. This way it’ll be incorporated in my vocabulary which will then expand it. Shouldn’t we all learn something new every day.

10. Master another language. 
I already have some spanish language in meaning I can converse with a native spanish speaker but what is knowing a language if you are not fluent at it. I have plenty of textbooks from my spanish courses back then that I will take less than 2 minutes out of the day to fill in words, learn verbs, tenses, etc and finally become fluent.

11. Dare to believe. 
Live everyday as if there is NO SUCH THING AS FAILING. Jump head first into ideas and take actions make things happen. Let no one hinder my direction of success or change my perspective.

12. Embrace nature. 
Take a few minutes to not think about anything and embrace the beauty of nature. How calm it is when everything else can be so hectic around us. Meditate and feel my inner self. Think about absolutely nothingness and breathe tranquility.

13. Inspire and motivate others to living a better life. 
Live, breathe and promote my passion. Fitness. Whether it’s through the use of instagram or my blog, I will strive to promote my passion for living healthy. I’ve lived in 6 different states of my life, moved 8 different times and have met all kinds of people. In the tough areas, I have friends become trapped in a deep rutted pit of late night “fish bowl sessions” in the car so often that it damages their life. They take the illegal route of making money to support their spendings. Next thing you know, karma shoots back at them in the end. I felt good being able to make a difference those friends  of mine’s lives by showing them how smart they actually are and how beneficial they can be to this world and more so to themselves. It feels good to set myself as an example of someone who strives to live a better life every day and have tell me that I’ve inspired them to do better.

My conclusion:

This to me is called “living life like everyday was your last”. When I go to perform these actions everyday, I know that at the end of it, I can go to bed at night feeling like I accomplished something that makes me a better person than who I was yesterday. And if it happens to be that something tragic does happen, I know that I lived a damn good life because I took these steps everyday to build myself to becoming a better person. It’s not always about factual current circumstances that define who we are, but the actions that we take to build ourselves up to who we want to become.  Somewhere out there, I have inspired someone to live better. I felt at peace because I took those few minutes to myself. I felt content with my relationships because I showed those important people my appreciation for them, I felt like I’ve acquired good knowledge because I’m taking steps to master spanish, learning new facts along with transitioning things I learn in school to real life experiences. At the end of everyday, I will have the feeling of content in all areas of my life.

Conclusively, we never do know. So make your new year’s resolution something you know you can work to achieve. Take small steps at a time, minute by minute, day by day. Be realistic and devise a concrete plan to make it happen.  So you want to lose weight? Don’t just say it. Measure out macronutrients and devise a workout schedule along with a clean eating meal plan, sign up on, ask for advice, read everything fitness related. BE CLEAR about your goals. Then work your way to achieve them, one small step at a time.

P.S. This is also my Day 28: New Year’s Resolution Mission Get Fit 2013 Update =) Goodnight all.

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below