Day 26: Reasons to Work Out

Mission Get Fit 2013
Day 26: Reasons to Work Out
1. Relieves your stress. 
Exercising has scientifically proven to reduce stress levels. Anything that may be stressing you as of current almost disappears once you perform an exercise. It allows you to let your mind unwind while your body does all the work.  Exercise also enhances happy cells. By happy cells, I’m talking about endorphins. You know those “feel good” neurotransmitters that your body naturally produces after a good workout session? They can make you feel pretty darn high… naturally that is. 
2. Makes you look out of this world
( If you eat right too of course). Don’t we all want to feel good inside the body we live in? Don’t we want to wake up every morning and run our hands down a flat platform of a tummy? I know I do. And for this, we have reason number 3…
3. Increases self confidence
Working out makes you look good and feel good about yourself. Your head suddenly is boosted a little higher (though I hope you keep that nose leveled now),  the way you walk is more poised with a little kick of enthusiasm and energetic spirit, and your self esteem will sky rocket through the roof. It all suddenly becomes a domino effect. Working out makes a hot body, which builds some hot confidence, which calls for a hot wardrobe which equals self presentation at its finest. Oh yes!
4. Leave the dressing room quicker.
How many times have you pulled something out your closest, wore it on, and took it off because you had a little muffin top or flab of skin hanging over your jeans? Or how about when you go to put a shirt on and can’t pull it off because your arms were too big? Orr how about when do the “pant hop thrust” to pull your jeans up to fit and it rips on you? Just about how long do you spend trying to find the perfect outfit that fits your body right to every centimeter. Well if you were working out and keeping yourself in shape, you wouldn’t have to worry it about. Say goodbye to spending hours in the dressing room. Throw anything on and you pretty much look snazzy. Even just a plain white tank top and jeans. Don’t feel bad, I talk about it so well because that was pretty much me everyday. Hehehe… 
5. Think sharper. Think smarter.
I found that switching to a healthy lifestyle has made me much more of a smarter and sharper thinker. 
I also found that my concentration was a lot more improved along with my sense of focus. This is my personal experience, but there’s also scientific evidence to back that up. So does exericise make you smarter? Read more about it here.
6. Let’s face it. The mirror works better.
We blame the mirror a lot of times for the dissatisfaction of the way we look. “Mom, I don’t think that mirror you bought at Wal Mart isn’t working correctly. It was definitely cheap.”  “Hm, maybe it’s angled the wrong way, maybe I should place it a little higher.” More reasons to workout so you can love yourself entirely and every mirror from $1 to $100 works the same exact way. 

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below