Be the Change: 10 Reasons to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

My heart hurts. I am currently writing this with the most stricken kind of pain and a silence of loud tears drowning in my eyes. I am in a speechless disbelief and mere disturbance at what just aired on my internet newspaper …

The second deadliest school shooting in American history— a Connecticut elementary school shooting killing 27 people, 20 of them being children. Yes, 27 people were killed. But am I looking at this correctly? 20 OF THEM BEING CHILDREN?! 20 OF THEM BEING CHILDREN.  Can we all just stop what we are doing for 5 minutes and re-access what is going on here?! Maybe ask why, why, why, and why people do the cruel things that they do?
Yeah… I’m with you. I know the feeling. All of me wishes it was a tragic nightmare too, only it won’t go away.

These were children going to school with the innocent hopes of one day becoming the nation’s leading President, one day becoming Miss America 2025, one day becoming the CEO of a ginormous company, one day becoming a world traveler to help thousands of others in desperate need, one day becoming a doctor saving hundreds of lives, one day becoming the best parent you could ever possibly imagine. Those dreams of these young, sinless, angelic lives are now forcefully taken away from them forever because of something that WE could have fixed.

Yes. I am not SOLELY blaming the psychotic shooter but I am blaming US as a society. What’s more ridiculous to me than anything is reading the forums under these news posts with people enraged about the gun laws in America. If there weren’t guns, there are other weapons lying around too. Don’t you understand by now?
                It’s not about the weapon, but the person holding it
and we could have stopped them.
If you take a look back at all the shootings we’ve had thus far:
Virgina Tech Shooting  “You Caused Me To Do This”
These were people who were socially rejected, isolated and denied. They all suffered from some kind of catastrophic event that has occurred in their lifetime. Maybe it was depression due to their wife having left them, or their grades flunked in school, or they have a past history of being bullied, or people isolate them because they are different or they were abandoned as a child. They all had some kind of mental illness. Whatever it may be, I don’t know. But what I do know is that we simply. don’t. care. for each other enough. Think about the difference you could have made in that quiet, shy guy’s life if you complimented him on how nice his clothes are and asked him how his day was instead of looking down on him for being awkward or anti-social. THAT is what produces the mentally ill. THAT is what causes people to become depressed and THAT is exactly what we, together, could have prevented.
4 Ways Towards Change
1. Communicate more
With the use of advanced technologies, we forget the importance of face to face interaction. We play on our phone while the cashier is checking out our items without acknowledging how their day went and how they are doing. Talk to people. Ask them how it’s going and most importantly, be sincere about it.
2. Lend a hand
If you see someone who looks like they are having a bad day,  give and give yourself. Dig into their brains and find out what it is that is wrong with them and ask how you can help. I think we often become so consumed in our lives that we forget everybody needs somebody.
3. Be friendly
Crack jokes with people who look like they’re hesitant and shy. Trust me, they want to talk to you, they just don’t know how to. They will probably find it surprising that you’re even talking to them in the first place. Make them feel comfortable.
4. Care a little
Step back from being so immersed in your own little bubble and open your eyes to the world. There is so much out there that we are not aware of because we are too busy being our own Sun.

No, the world does not revolve around you, the world revolves around all of us as a whole.

Translation to Fitness

Now you may be thinking that I am going off on a rant based off of emotions and how this is even fitness related? When in fact,  it has absolutely everything to do with fitness. This is why I  am so passionate about this kind of lifestyle! This is why I want to express the importance of living healthy! If enough people lived a healthy lifestyle, there wouldn’t be too many mental illnesses to begin with.  The world would be a much happier place. They would feel great about themselves and will never let so many little issues phase them that it brings them to make such cruel choices.

10 Reasons to Exercise and Eat Clean
1. It breeds happy people. The more happy people in this world, the less violence.
    Don’t believe me? Read about it here.
2. It keeps you busy and mentally focused so you can stray away from any bad thoughts.
3. It relieves any kind of mental stress.
4. It makes you feel good about yourself and produces high self esteem which may fix
    problems in your relationships.
5. It teaches you to believe in yourself, to love yourself.
6. It creates a strong, healthy mindset.
7. It makes you feel like you’re doing something big for the world, even though it’s only for yourself.
    ( Try taking on this lifestyle and you’ll know exactly what I mean)
8. It prevents all kinds of diseases.
9. You’ll live longer.
10. You’ll have an increased amount of energy to exert in important matters instead of thinking
about petty things.

I hope I’ve made a point here. The bottom line to the story is that these children were undeserving of what happened to them today. They had dreams to chase and a future to pursue. We could have made that difference simply by caring for each other more, simply by noticing the little details in the odd occurrences of certain people and immediately addressing them. All in all, we could have prevented this. And if you are one who is feeling alone or even close to mentally ill, you could make that difference by simply taking on a healthy lifestyle.

What happened already happened, that is painfully too late to prevent. But it’s not too late to start making changes so please BE THAT CHANGE TODAY.

Remember …
                   ” It’s never too late to be who you might’ve been.”
                                                                                       -George Eliot

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below