Mission Get Fit 2013 Updates

Day 6: Top 3 Workout Songs 

When working out, I enjoy listening to music that gets me pumped and ready to torture every move. With that being said, most of the time, songs about making money and screwing girls doesn’t cut it for me, especially when I want to maximize my training output. The kind of music that really gets me to kick butt are the loud, intense, motivational ones. When I listen to it I feel unstoppable. My supposed-to-be last rep turns into yet another one. The music in this motivational training video is what I replay over and over during my workouts. I highly recommend anyone who  needs a push during their training session to listen to this!

Day 7: Favorite Body Part

My favorite body part would have to be my glutes and quads. You bet I squat heavy and deep for them! 

Day 8: Biggest Weakness 

I. LOVE. PEANUT BUTTER. I am a peanut butter addict. Crunchy, creamy, smooth; you name it, I’ve had it! Also, if you haven’t noticed, the majority of my recipes are peanut butter based. See those butters right there? They were finished within about a month and a half. Oh no, it’s not a good thing. Funny fact: for my birthday I asked people to buy me peanut butter instead of birthday cards. Too much of anything is bad for you! SO for this challenge, I am staying away from peanut butter in hopes that afterwards, I won’t be so obsessed with them. Well … for Christmas I asked for peanut butter. Ah. Hopefully no one buys them for me. 
Day 9: Sweat 
Day 10: Motivational IGer 

My two favorite motivational instagramers would have to be bellafalconi_fitness and oneraeoranother. A great way to stay in touch with living a healthy lifestyle is to surround yourself around people who follow the same passion for living healthy as you do. These ladies are both strong minded, dedicated and focused when it comes to striving to achieve a certain goal. They both are super sweet and constantly provide motivational quotes and words every day to get you started for your next workout. Not to mention how gorgeous they are! 
The most motivational Iger to me though, would be all of YOU!  Every time someone comments on my hard work or that I am inspirational to them, I feel that I  have accomplished something big already. It makes me feel accountable like I need to keep pushing myself to live up to that. The last thing I want is to let any of you down. I appreciate the support that I get and constant boosts when I need to step it up a notch. 
Day 11: Flex Arms

Day 12: I Love Myself Because … 
I don’t know what giving up means. I’ve had so many setbacks since I started in March yet I refuse to ever throw the towel in. I don’t strive for perfection but progress and growth. Each time I mess up, I am stronger, I grow wiser, I learn what works and what does not and I use it to my every advantage. I always look towards the future instead of dwelling on current mishaps of today. I think one of the reasons why I became so dedicated to living healthy is because I realized that everything we do  translates into our real life.  We often encounter countless circumstances where we feel like we are not doing enough or we work so hard for something only for it not work out in the end. But if we keep moving, keep running forward, we find that that pause in our lives was just a seed planted there for us to nourish until it eventually grows. Hit a plateau? Keep going. Made mistakes? Learn from it. Not where you want to be? Move ahead until you get there. Do what you have to do but don’t ever throw in the towel. 

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below