Hey all,

Currently on instagram I am running a MissionGetFit2013 challenge to motivate you to be the best version you can be entering the new year. Remember it’s never too late to start! Why wait until 2013 to come up with resolutions and changes when you can just do it now. It’s pretty crazy to me how far we can go when we fully immerse our thoughts into believing in ourselves. I know the feeling when it comes to struggling with weight or being unsatisfied with your body due to naughty nutrition or lack motivation to exercise. It’s hard to overcome sometimes and keeps us at a plateau for longer than we’d ever like. So when creating this challenge, I wanted every day to be something that will drive you to push harder towards your dream goals. It doesn’t even have to be about your body or fitness. It may be that you don’t love yourself enough, or that you want to do better in life or that you simply want to be a better person — I aim to inspire you to be the very best version of you. You deserve to love yourself inside and out.  We only have this one life, this one body… we should learn to love it, cherish it and give it our absolue best. 
So just stop for a minute. Stop waiting on tomorrow. Stop saying ‘I can’t’ . Stop dwelling on the things you don’t want. Focus, envision, imagine what it is that you want and chase it. 
Here’s to missiongetfit2013. It’s not too late to join. Whether you’re posting on instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest, tumblr,  do yourself a favor, join, commit and end this year the best you have ever been!
I wish you all some strong will and motivation to pull through and get to where you want to be!

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below