Cajun Ground Turkey Stir

 Once again a very simple yet healthy dish FULL of blastful flavors, takes less than 10 minutes to make!

Cajun Ground Turkey


 2 cup spinach
6 oz lean ground turkey
1/4 cup organic salsa
1 tbsp feta cheese
1 tsp olive oil or olive oil spray is fine
1/2 tsp cajun
1/2 tsp Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb Seasoning


1. Heat pan with olive oil on med-hi
2. Add ground turkey and sautee until almost browned
3. Add cajun and garlic seasoning
4. Sautee 2 cups of spinach until softened
5. Add feta cheese and salsa

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below