Football Throwdown

It’s fall which means cozyness in the living and a lot of house football watch gatherings. Instead of going to a friend’s house to watch football, think ahead of time and host your own. Or volunteer to be the cook at whoever’s place the event took place. This way you don’t have to sacrifice your healthy eating habits by stuffing down nachos and dips like everyone else.


   Do you spot the healthy vs. the unhealthy? It’s funny because my guy friends that I made this for requested real beef so thats what I did but by the time everyone started getting full, the healthy side was 1 spoon away from being finished. Getting friends to switch to the healthy alternative? Mission accomplished!

    1 avocado
    1 chopped tomato (without its natural juices/pulp)
    1 chopped green pepper
    3/4 c greek yogurt 
    1 tbsp lime
    1 chopped onion
    1 clove garlic
    3 dashes of Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning

    1. Remove avocado from shell and seed with a spoon and place in a mixing bowl.
    2. Add greek yogurt and mash the avocado with yogurt using a fork.
    3. Add chopped tomato, chopped onion, chopped green pepper, garlic and mix.
    4. Add lime and Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning for extra zesty flavor.

    ground lean turkey
    1 onion
    3 cloves garlic
    3 tbsp taco seasoning
    1 tbsp Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle
    1 tbsp garlic & herb seasoning
    1 tsp cajun 
    1 tsp EVOO

  1. Heat pan on med, add evoo.
  2. Add onion and sautee until slightly softened. Add garlic. Sautee until you can really
      smell the aroma and the garlic is a light yellow brown
  3. Add ground turkey  using a spatula to separate the meat. 
  4. Add taco seasoning, Mrs. Dash, garlic & herb, cajun for taste.

 For taco shells, I used Sara Lee’s mini whole wheat pitas or you can also use Joseph’s Flax, Oat Bran Whole Wheat Pita Only 60 cal . Slice the pitas into nacho look alike pieces or even halves. Toast them to get yourself that crispiness!

Since this dinner is so healthy, it’s easy to follow along with everyone else and gorge on everything too. Remember to watch your portions and eat slowly so you can hear you tummy tell ing you it’s full 😉 Enjoy and happy fall !

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below