Strawberry Banana PB Ice Cream

Do you crave Ben & Jerry’s, or Friendly’s, or Breyers? I  honestly never do but I know something that tastes almost just like it but in my opinion even BETTER because it’s all natural, no sugars, no fatty milks and butters. Best yet, it takes less than 5 minutes to make. Well that’s if you already have your bananas frozen .. *hint hint* 😉

I PROMISE you won’t miss Ben & Jerry’s after this!

Chunks of bananas and strawberries make it even more irresistible

2 frozen bananas
3 strawberries
1/4 c unsweetened almond milk
3 ice cubes


1. Freeze bananas, should take 2-3 hours.
2. Combine all ingredients in the blender and blend until you have a thick consistency.
    You might find that you have to open the lid to manually stir the ingredients to get it to blend.
3. And that’s it … easy rights? AND cheap, AND healthy, AND delicious!

You can store this in the freezer to enjoy whenever you want! It doesn’t have to be eaten right away and the texture still stays thick.

Hope you like it!

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below