Grind Time

This morning’s home workout involved 3 different circuits incorporating total body moves.

Set the online tabata clock to 50 sec intensity 10 sec reps for 36 rounds. 
Total time: 36 minutes
-Heavy sand bag if you don’t have one like myself, stuff a backpack with 10 waterbottles or 
  anything you have around to make it heavy 
-Pull Up Bar
50 sec Sand bag lift into squat
10 sec rest
50 sec Leg lift rotating push ups. Get in push up position with one leg up, push up, then twist your body around to a crab position: repeart
10 sec rest
50 sec Pull up bar leg ups
10 sec rest
50 sec 180 squat jumps – squat, jump 180, squat
10 rest 
SET 2 
50 sec Sand bag lunge rotation lift bag, lunge right leg with rotation, lunge left leg with rotation, place bag down. Repeat
10 sec rest
50 sec Sandbag squatters lift sandbag and place on back, squat 10x, place sandbag down. Repeat
10 sec rest
50 sec Running kick backs 
10 sec rest
50 sec Side to side hops plank position and hop side to side
10 sec rest
I love especially when I’m doing my own home workouts and run out of ideas to use.
For set 3 I did the Fat Shakedown 12 minute real time sweat workout
It works the same way with 50 sec 10 sec rest
Set treadmill to 10.0 incline, 1.0 mph
Place hands on handrail and use lower body to push the treadmill
Go slow for 30 sec and increase speed
The strength that you need from your lower body in this workout really works your legs and tones your butt !

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below