The post below as you can see was written March 14 of this year, the moment when I decided to really switch to a healthier lifestyle. You can see the kinds of foods that I used to eat. I was the girl that sat with 5 of her guy friends and ate more than all of them put together. You know how colleges have “buffet” style cafeterias? Well, I’d finish 3 plates + dessert before leaving every time… and I’m talking about breakfast, lunch, dinner. I easily consumed well over 3000 calories a day. I had what I call a “fat ass ” mentality. My diet was basically the “see food” diet. I see food, I eat it. And every friend of mine knew this WELL. Mind you I have always been obsessed with working out. I would work out 2 hours a day 5x a week yet I still gained weight up to 137 lbs. My motto was “Most people eat to live, I live to eat. ” This is proof that exercising with a bad diet will NEVER bring you the results you want and make you gain as well.  I’m glad that I finally got FED UP with feeling unhealthy and unsatisfied with my body all the time.

From today’s standpoint, it is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and shocking to me the PERMANENT changes I have made since then. I shocked myself that I said I was gonna do it, and I DID it.  I can never see myself treating my body by putting foods like that in my mouth ever again. It all initiated with me being depressed with the 15 lbs I gained since college started. All I wanted was to lose weight and have that dream body. Now it’s become more than that. I love the way this kind of lifestyle has changed me, how it has made me feel, how it has made me look.

The changes I have made in my life have been profound and that is why I want to share it with as many of you as I possibly can!

This is just the beginning of my life long journey, and I hope for you to join me! So heres’s to clean food, mean workouts, and a BAD BANGING body! ( Well, we’re working on that at least ;] )

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below