Wash Away Old Habits

I am on a mission to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Since the beginning of my sophmore year, I began working out more than I ever have before. None of this paid off because I would eat lightly during the week, and about Thursday I would start binging on all the unhealthiest foods. It would be me stuffing my face with food in less than 2 hours. After I’d sit there and feel like a fat fck and ask myself why the hell did I just do that? After working out vigorously 5 days a week sometimes 6, 2 hours  a day, the way I was eating was not helping my exercising. This was also due to a series of depression. Food was comfortable ya know? I was 117 lbs in the summer while I was in Florida. During my first semester, I went up to 136 lbs …..

Now I have started detoxing my body of all the unhealthy junk and am committed to a healthier, happier me. To LOOK GOOD means to FEEL GOOD. Sure, I am I very confident girl. I’m confident in myself, my personality and everything about the way I am. But walking around with my thighs touching together or a little gut does not contribute well to that. So from now on, I am going to give up my unhealthy eating addictions. I am going to give up my fat ass mentality. And all my friends know this, it’s called the SeeFood Scanner. When we go out to eat or eat anywhere, I’d finish my food and wait to see if anyone looks done and the famous line goes “Are you gonna eat that?” As much as a joke as that was, I realized that is such an unhealthy way to look at food and its quite embarrassing now that I think about it. But funny as hell, not gonna lie. But I am going to give up the SeeFood Scanner, yes. 

Just last week, Sunday March 11 I was 134.5 lbs. Starting Monday when I began my strict diet and work out routines until now I am 127 lbs.  so roughly 8 lbs just by being CONSISTENT! That is key.

I want that super super toned body that I’ve always dreamed of, and this time… I’m gonna get it. 

As sad as it is. I have GOT to say goodbye to all these TASTY, DELICIOUS, YUMMY, FATTY, GREASY, UNHEALTHY foods. So that I can say hello to healthier, sexier, happier ME!
BYE SANDY! Ya fat fuck. <3

I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Share below