You are who you have been searching for.

Life is a dance between our outer world of thoughts, actions, desires and our inner world of wisdom, that gut-feeling intuition that holds infinite answers. We experience sadness, anger or fear when we are disconnected from our inner wisdom.

I’m here to change that.



Hi, I’m Sandy.

I’m here to help you learn how to attain happiness, fulfillment and success without burning out.

Through radical self-care practices, skillful tools (that have worked for thousands of years) and experimental play; we create a bridge that unites your actions with your inner wisdom.

The result is a transformation

Experience more confidence in decision making, undeniable clarity, rewarding relationships with yourself and others, more sleep, increased vitality, more focus and a whole lot more of self-love.

You currently have desires that are seeking full expression. 

Let’s unblock what’s in the way

so you can express your Highest Self and live the life you want to live.

Just incase no one has told you this yet,

y o u  a r e already more than e n o u g h.

And hey,

(you’re worth it. )

In love and light,